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    Muffling a 20" x 16" bassdrum

    For a small kick - I recently modded a 14"x 16 birch FT. - outdoors for a cottage thing.. as it a small drum I used the 70's Ludwig Classic maple technique of lowering the heads so they are just tight enough to not wrinkle. It needed some muffling, so I hooked a bungy cord from a tension rod on...
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    Is counting in during songs unprofessional?

    Saw her Standing There - 1-2-3-4! It's part of the song. Who wants to argue with the Beatles Lol.. Stick clicks, verbal counting, nodding your head, slapping your thigh with a stick, hihat foot, lip reading.. they all work. I think the trick is to make it loud enough or visual enough that...
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    Forgot my hi-hat stand...

    Happened to me once on an outdoor gig in the country. No chance of going back home to get it as it was 40 minute drive. I did something similar.. sanndwiched the hat cymbals on a cymbal stand and just used accents for the swish. It was weird with the left acting like it was on a pedal all night!
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    Small bass drum driving me nuts

    Playing a cottage party with friends this weekend.. small PA 4 singers, guitars, bass and keys. I went down to my basement and found a small Tama Starcalssic B/B floor tom I never use, makes an awesome small kick. Works perfectly with my Pearl kick adapter hardware.. solid as a rock. This kit is...
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    How can I get my singer to follow a set list?

    As a rule of thimb, if you allow more than 4 seconds in between songs (well that's the goal anyway).. you lose your dance floor. Setlists are the most predictable way of achieving that.. eveyone knows before the end of each tune what to prepare for the next tune so they are ready to jump in...
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    Small bass drum driving me nuts

    I've heard many good small kick drums.. usually Sonors. Check out how they suspend them off the floor.. For heads I'd use either Remo Powerstroke or Aquarian SuperKick with little muffling.. like a small strip of foam across the bottom just touching the heads (ala Russell Kunkel) I've never had...
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    Wow.. awesome drummer. Great hair as well Lol! Liked the hand technique focus around 2.20.. great fingers! Zero wrist movement and tons of volume with his rolls. Have to check out more Mr. Big.. thanks!
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    IT's funny I used to listen to that album with my head between a pair of EMI speakers in the 70s and it always sounded so incredibly well recorded.. I only discovered it was George Martin a few years ago watching Jeff Beck 'On the run' on Netflix.. and it was like - Ahh no wonder - that...
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    Virgin kick or not?

    I have both WM and WOM .. and it's pros and cons - WOM I can position the toms exactly where I want them.. downside is it takes longer to find that sweetspot every time! I gave up on cymbal mounted thing and reverted back to a simple stand with spike thing. THe ONE thing that WOM kick has going...
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    Talent level and band option

    Haven't done this for a long time.. but if you go in for an audition.. you also go in to audition the band. If I find things are 'off' I generally pass.. you have to size up the band - do they look like they are organized to get gigs? How do they find gigs? Are they professional enough to get up...
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    Gear red flag - Update!

    Gear is just one of the check boxes along with things things like musicianship, experience, personality, reliability, commitment etc. You have to weigh all the factors and put them all together to make a decision based on an audition or jam etc..
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    Roger Hawkins RIP

    Amen - RIP... one great drummer! Every time I play a cover of Respect I channel his relentless groove.
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    I've always taken a lot of inspiration from the amazing RIchard Bailey on Jeff Beck's 'Blow by Blow' (best album and recording of all time IMHO - produced by George Martin!). There's enough triplet licks in this track to sink a ship!
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    Why I dislike certain drum owners

    One of the few mods I've made over the years was on an old Rogers snare - the original throw off fell to pieces and parts were not available. I didn't want to drill holes in the COB shell so I made a plate that screwed into the original holes and also had holes to attach a Pearl throw off...
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    Why I dislike certain drum owners

    I don't ever recall thinking about resale value much.. I modded a tom mount on an old Rogers (big R era) Kick with a Pearl mount once.. because A) they weren't vintage and B) the original hardware sucked.. spindly metal that fell apart and hard to adjust and C) original replacement parts not...