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    Gino Vannelli drummers

    .. I'd add David Garibaldi in there for sure.. Black Cars.. Wild Horses..That was played so much on the radio over the years it probably wore out my radio..
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    Gino Vannelli drummers

    Just digging out some old favs for my music playlist - and had forgotten about these outstanding vinyls I wore out back then - Gino Vanelli - Powerful People from 1974 and 'Storm at Sunup' 1975. Fantastic drumming by Graham Lear - who went on to play with Santana for a decade.. and then REO...
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    Multi track vs. USB

    Cool I'll check it out thanks! I am getting some pretty good results using the 2 track stereo USB. It forces you to get the levels right.. which is good. But yeah If I had a multi track mixer outputting to multi tracks in a DAW it would be a lot more flexible..
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    Multi track vs. USB

    That's pretty cool.. for only $550. Only 6 XLRs but I can get by with that for drums.. looks like 16 1/4"TRS for vocal guitars/bass/keys.. vocal mics I'd need XLR/TRS adaptors for 4 mics.. so in theory I could record my 7 piece band..multi-track to a DAW using 18x18 USB.. .. and the iPad...
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    Multi track vs. USB

    I should have mentioned.. the Mackie USB output on my proFx is just stereo L/R output... which is why I'm thinking multi-track. I originally bought it for $250 for band practices with my Mackie powered speakers. Seems to be a pretty good digital interface.. and I've got some good results with it...
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    Multi track vs. USB

    Trying to get better at home recording.. I have a Mackie ProFX12 (USB out) mixer and a pile of decent mics for recording my kit at home for a band project.. trying to decide.. Should I spring for a digital multi track for a pile of cash.. or just work on getting my levels optimized for the...
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    Flat with concrete flooring and above a shop.

    You probably don't have to worry about this.. but I once practiced with a band in the warehouse of a sound production shop which had a concrete floor. My Rogers drums were on a small carpet.. but as time went by I started to notice small bits of rust on the kick hardware and then the toms.. arg...
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    Help me out here

    I've gone from Zildjan Ks to Paiste Signatures - they are both awesome - but the Signatures (hats, ride, crashes) just have this musical shimmery sound that just knocks me out. I also have a Paiste modern essentials Formula 602 crash that.. when I bought 2nd hand - thought it was 'okay' in the...
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    Share your most embarrassing on stage moments

    To this day I have a fear of slippery or bouncy stages.. it started in high school when my stage band played for a local (rival) school down the road. We were set up on risers.. and I forgot to bring a mat. First song in the kick drum starts sliding and getting close to the edge.. then BOOM the...
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    Electric drum kit - is it worth it?

    Great description.. I have a Roland V5 mesh kit that I picked up used years ago for about 1K. Used it for a recording project and has been collecting dust since - will be selling it sooon! They are great for practicing if noise is an issue - and if you need a quick demo recording that sounds...
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    Funny drum video

    This guy has a bunch of hilarious music related videos.. great playing too!
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    Quick drum tuning

    Yes I can't afford the time or money to change heads that often.. I change snare batter the most.. usually when it starts to show wear or lose the coating... or if the sound starts to lose it's zing. Toms and kick rarely..
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    Quick drum tuning

    Actually re-reading - your question was 'do you always have to tune both heads or just keep tightening the batter' - in a pinch that works (like in between tunes and you only have 4 seconds). - but I usually lift my snare off the stand and rest the outside of the shell on my lap.. so you can...
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    Quick drum tuning

    I've tried a tuning app on the iphone.. and it 'kind of' worked. But I find it much faster to tune by ear.. and the results are the same. Whether you use a device or your ear.. the important thing is get the right pitch for the heads (top and bottom). One trick I used to use was record an audio...
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    Head recommendations-Mapex Saturn exotic studio ease

    I have a Mapex kit that sound awesome with toms: clear Evans G2's on top and clear G1's on the bottom. Snare is Evans coated G1 on top with hazy 300 bottom. Then again.. I've used that combo with my Yamahas, Tamas, Rogers and Ludwigs - works every time rock, jazz, you name it