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    Are Solid-Shell Snares worth the money?

    It's hard to go into a lot of detail in a forum post -- and there is a lot of detail to this topic -- but I'll try to do a bottom-line short version here. I do have this on my list for a future blog article. The big advantage with solid shells is the clarity of the tone, which has to do with...
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    Fun little maple snare by Carolina Drumworks

    Simple and sweet -- Carolina Drumworks steambent maple with a little birdseye figuring in it, 6.75 x 13. Solid brass and stainless steel lugs, diecast hoops, Trick multi throw. This one made me smile to play just as much as to look at.
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    Is a high-end drum really better, and what does that mean anyway?

    New blog post is up: Enjoy!
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    THE CLASSIFIEDS - For Sale / Wanted

    NOT MY SALE, BUT -- THIS 2010-11 CAROLINA DRUMWORKS STEAMBENT CANARYWOOD BOP KIT IS ON THE MARKET I built this snare in early 2010 and the rest of the kit in late 2011, and they've had a great home and excellent care with a career pro who's letting them go after almost a decade. I'm not at all...
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    New blog entry is up.

    It's about the underside of the snare drum -- the part we don't see or even hear well when we're sitting at the kit. Hope you enjoy it. Here's the link to the blog page:
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    Odd things you've done while drumming

    Well, it wasn't me, but I once saw Marcus Baylor retune his kit while playing an extended drum solo on a live gig with the Yellowjackets. Right hand and feet doing the solo, left hand handling the drum key, and arranging the solo to check the pitches as he tuned. Impressive.
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    New Carolina Drumworks kit drums in a live stream tonight (and available to view later)

    Recently completed these nice drums to round out the kit portion of world percussionist River Guerguerian's hybrid setup. Both are steambent solid walnut, with inlaid solid maple hoops and black nickel plated hardware -- designed to match the Carolina Drumworks Asheville Series snare we did for...
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    Something a little different for this snare

    Not the usual Carolina Drumworks look, but I kind of enjoyed this one-off. It's built on a 1/4" thick maple ply shell, blending three stains and some TLC. Solid brass lug posts with stainless steel tubes, diecasts, Trick multi throw, etc. Size is 7 x 14.
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    So I finally started a blog about drums

    It’s not about how to build them or how to play them, though. I’ve been thinking for a few years about an ongoing series of articles directed at drummers, including things they should know about their drums, what to look for, how to adjust them to best advantage, how parts of a drum’s design...
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    My snare likes cheap heads and snare wires

    The shape of the snare beds is a huge factor in this, so you'll find that certain brands or types of drums are more sensitive with certain brands or types of wires. But questions of sensitivity and brightness are highly subjective -- it all depends on what sound you want to produce. And as...
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    Snares with 2 snare tension adjustments

    As to the idea of adjusting tension from both sides: 1. I think some of you guys are assuming way, way more tension than is needed to bring the wires into correct contact with the head. (Unless you normally opt to choke the drum.) When the snares are engaged, there will be the same amount of...
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    Who currently makes Walnut shell drums?

    Carolina Drumworks -- steambent, stave, and same-species ply.
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    Built this snare to sell, but ...

    ... now I'm having second thoughts. Took me about 15 seconds of road-test playing to fall in love with the sound and feel of this drum. And then, there's the look. :) Steambent solid bubinga 6.5x14, with matching rerings, black nickel hardware, and solid brass lug posts. All-black Trick multi...
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    Yamaha part number question

    Yeah, I would say retap for the next larger set screw size. Remember that you're probably dealing with metric sizes in this case.
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    Boutique snares?

    Can't help but chime in on this, especially regarding two parts of the discussion: 1. I've known Keith since the mid-80s. He's a fine builder, with lots of experience and quality work. He's also a great guy, open to conversation, and very knowledgeable about drums generally. If he's in your...