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    Let's talk about resale value

    New blog article is up. Enjoy! Let's talk about resale value .
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    Refinishing a stained kit

    Larry, I'd say go with the solid color. Those are ply shells, and each layer of veneer is 1mm thick. Any slight oversanding and you'll go through to the next layer, which will look bad and show through any future stain. The existing stain probably doesn't go into the second ply, but it may be...
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    Getting "that" snare sound

    A lot of jazz players use that technique to be able to play quieter rim shots without it sounding like a gun going off.
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    Built this snare to sell, but ...

    Oops, I did it again ... I finally sold it. Sigh.
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    Getting "that" snare sound

    New blog article posted: Getting "that" snare sound Enjoy!
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    Why do they split the wood shell?

    Subjectively, it increases projection and kills tone, so you get a sound with no character that cuts through the band. Kind of like hammering a nail on 2 and 4. :)
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    What looks better?

    White, definitely. The chrome means you're holding up a mirror to your audience -- certainly a distraction -- and unless you're in control of the lighting you might be blinding them as well.
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    Drum Hardware

    I think Drum Factory Direct lists hole spacing for all the lugs they carry. (Look in the detailed information for each model.) Check their website.
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    Anyone have finger surgery ? Did it affect your playing?

    You might try taking a 2" piece of popsicle stick and taping it to the outside of each of those joints to temporarily hold them straight, and see what happens when you play. Personally, I would guess that in traditional grip it would affect your right hand technique more than the left, but...
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    The drum ... or the drummer

    A new blog article is up. The drum ... or the drummer Enjoy!
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    Things that determine a drum's sound -- my list in order

    Interesting article -- thanks for posting the link. A couple of points: All four of the shell types in the comparison are ply construction. There are a lot of good things about ply construction, but it's not a leader in tone quality. The combination of multiple grain directions, a number of...
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    Things that determine a drum's sound -- my list in order

    Correct about the Janka hardness scale, but it's not the complete story. It only address hardness, but the cellular structure of the wood is also involved in what the audio frequency response is for each species. For example: Bubinga and Rosewood are fairly close on the Janka scale (Bubinga is...
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    Things that determine a drum's sound -- my list in order

    Yep, agreed on all counts. There really should be a separate list for snare drums, to include wires and throws, which certainly have as much impact on the sound as any other hardware component. Maybe even beds -- perhaps as part of the wire considerations. I know a couple of models of snare...
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    Things that determine a drum's sound -- my list in order

    #2 on my list is actually the basic wood-vs-metal-vs acrylic, etc. question. I put wood type (species) at #9.
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    Things that determine a drum's sound -- my list in order

    Well, without at least one head, there's no sound, so credit where credit is due. :) Since ply orientation normally changes direction from ply to ply, my experience has been that varying individual ply orientation has a minimal effect on the sound. I'd put that in the "others" section -- not...