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    Hello All! Thanks for adding me

    Welcome Zack. And wow! That’s quite a room you’ve got there.
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    My minimalist hybrit kit

    I played two gigs today on this kit: 18 bass, 13 snare, 14 hats and 16 crash, plus a pair of bongos. Surprisingly versatile - played Sweet Child of Mine, Girl from Ipanema and Rock around the Clock plus many more....
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    Do you control your own stage mix?

    A few years ago our band ran the Presonus desk and Apps on our phone. I only had control of my own wedge, but all 16 inputs were listed in the app with sliders. Saved a lot of time soundchecking a ten piece band. At the end of the gig the tech would save the settings, so next gig would be...
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    Gretsch Renown - Issue with 20" Bass Drum

    I have three kits with 20’s - I don’t use a riser on any of them. I have the beater shortened a fraction (half inch?), but with a sliding weight to keep the momentum right. The beater hits just above centre. Sounds great to me, and much easier than balancing on a riser every gig.
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    Mixer for practice?

    The module has a 1/8” aux input so you can plug a lead from your phone into it. Then the music and the drums will be mixed through your speaker or headphones.
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    Lyrics you just got wrong

    wrapped up like a douche or a corona in the night...
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    Hanging vs. Floor Tom

    If the spare bass drum is 20”, keep it for those occasions where you might need a quieter/smaller kit.
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    Pedal spring replacement frequency

    I haven’t replaced a pedal spring ever, in 30-40 years of gigging.
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    Yamaha Stage Custom vs Gretch Renown

    If you’re carrying the kit up and down stairs - the Yamaha is half the weight. You can pick up the bass drum with one hand and swing it around effortlessly...
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    Nylon tips for jazz... thoughts ?

    I prefer small ball-tip nylon tips for jazz. They bounce beautifully with just the right clear, light tone. And the sound is consistent.
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    Manufacturing defects or: how to waste one's time by ignoring the obvious

    Frustrating, but at least it wasn’t an expensive drum at fault.
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    Ludwig Breakbeats

    One of the pro drummers in my city plays one for small venue rock gigs. Tuned low with pinstripes it sounds deep and meaty but with less overall volume, matched with smaller cymbals and a better snare (Supra 5” tuned medium). I’ve mixed him a few times and it always sounds great. A lot of it...
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    Compressor as quasi-trigger for bass?

    You’ll need a stronger ratio, more like 5 or 7 to one. Lower the threshold so the compression happens a bit on medium volume notes. Shorten the attack to 2 or 3 ms, and experiment to see how the initial click of the note sounds. Shorten the release a lot - your current setting means fast notes...
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    What's your favorite "Blues" song?

    My favourite is currently “I’ve been doing fine” by Toronzo Cannon from Chicago. Not an old classic blues song, but really entertaining lyrics with a twist. He doesn’t want her to move back home because “Since you gone woman, I’ve been doin’ fine.”
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    Beginning drumming...were you supported or not supported

    My parents supported my trombone playing. They knew I liked drums, but said I could never have a drum kit in the house. I practiced on a pad plus some heavy books spread out like a kit. Later on I went halves with a friend to buy on an old kit and kept it at his house so I could practice there.