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    One up tom mount

    Yes. He even had that mount installed on his Premier kit back in the Hamburg days. The Rogers Swivomatic mount was years ahead of the rest and that is why it was common in those years to install them on a previously ordered virgin bass drum. You can even see it on Bonham's maple finish Ludwig.
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    The breakdown

    Theese are my words.
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    Old man yells at cloud

    Hey, I still have a couple of those from when I started to drumming. Pale blue ink.
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    Owning the world’s greatest snare is cool, but let’s be honest…

    Imperial lugs. First version (1936).
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    You better leave instructions to plug the vent hole so the ashes don't come out when some funny-brother-in-law hits that drum...
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    Hidden Gem horror movies

    Dementia 13 - Francis F. Coppola (1963)
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    Hidden Gem horror movies

    Carnival of Souls (1962)
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    Hug A Drummer Day

    Same woman at :06? Identical jacket is the clue.
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    Experimenting with bottom hat felts

    Is it because the one who has to be loose is the top one?
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    Club Date

    Yes man. It looks gorgeous. Good work.
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    Alternative bass drum spurs on '65 Ludwig

    Yes, Gibraltar or Dixon anchor (this one is cheaper but does its job) is a must to prevent bass drum creeping. But please don't make extra holes to install new legs 'cause we, The Committee for the Preservation of Vintage Drums will be knocking on your door with a warrant for your arrest!!!
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    Let’s see your vintage pedals!

    That pedal board is a clone of the Gretsch Floating Action pedal (or the opposite; I don't know what was first: the chicken or the egg).
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    What cheap cymbal surprised you?

    A few years ago we rent a rehearsal room and there was an old Pearl kit with Paiste Brass Tones series cymbals (20" ride, 18" crash and I think 14" hi hats). I was pleasantly surprised with the crash and specially that ride!!!
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    Club Date

    I'm not sure, but I think catalogs were every two years by then, so only the 1965 one would be missing.