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    Cleaner Forum without Google ads...

    As always “Thank you Bernhard”... I would have no problem kicking in a few bucks to show my appreciation.... Maybe do a Drummerworld Patreon subscription?
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    HH Clutch Treads Rubbing On Cymbal

    Don’t worry about it... Unless you are playing a pair of Istanbul Ks...wait...those are already key-holed by now... You’ll be dead before it matters....
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    Would you play gigs with it ?

    To be fair....the original post was a humorous, tongue-in-cheek kinda thing where the author said “I don’t know whether I would play these or set them up in the living room and have a cocktail party. Most beautiful piece of furniture I would own...” Knowing the author, he would have no problem...
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    The simplest is...

    I have gone with hats only. I have gone with hats and ride. I have gone with hats, ride, crash or crashes.... At home I have set up a bop kit with two rides and hats. Currently at home I have an 8 piece kit set up with a 21" ride, a 20" crash\ride, 3 crashes (16, 16, 18), a 10" splash, an 8"...
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    Why do I get so many conservative banner ads here?

    ....and we were doing soooo well.....
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    Ever had to confront a fellow band member on what he/she is posting on social media?

    What if the one on the right is on the left....?
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    U.S Riots

    Are you pretending that ‘racism’ is not viewed differently by political perspective? Is there not a liberal view of racism and a conservative view of racism? Are there not legitimate Black views on both sides? Does Drummerworld want to pretend that all of the aforementioned liberal leaning...
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    U.S Riots

    Didn’t you block me over a month ago? Try again...
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    U.S Riots

    Why do you think I don’t get it? How DARE you ASSUME I don’t get it as I weep with my black friends over the murder of this Christian man! Who do you think YOU are to claim the moral high ground in this? I do get it-MORE than most of the posters here. An nnocent man is killed at the hands of...
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    U.S Riots

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    U.S Riots

    Gotta love the “no politics” political views.. I guess “all politics are equal....some politics are MORE equal than others”. The way we pretend that certain views are not political while other views are wink-wink... No one will notice....
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    U.S Riots
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    U.S Riots

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    My Drumming Is So Bad..

    My drumming is so bad.... I am renowned for my unique style and mastery of complicated time signatures and rhythms.... Lol
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    Mixing brands of toms and their suspension systems

    I am having good success using Tama Starcast mounts and Tama diecast batter side rims on my 1960s Rogers Holiday 12" and 13" toms. Zero issues and the drums sound as good or better than they did using the Rogers Swivo-mounts. Reason I tried them was to replace some worn out ball-joints and to...