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    Are you still happy?

    I've heard that the vast majority of those hospitalized for Covid are those who have not been vaccinated. In addition, the incidence of Covid is dropping fast in states where the population is more than 50% vaccinated while the number of reported cases in states where fewer than 50% are...
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    Eric Clapton US tour

    Who is the drummer for the tour?
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    Straight or shuffle?

    Ultimately, playing a beat straight and playing it with a shuffle groove are two very different things. A child in nursery school can tell there is a difference. The drummer is supposed to play for the tune and the band. But not everything you come up with will work with every song. Same goes...
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    Dennis Chambers on Bozzio's kit

    Awesome. Thanks for posting. As a lifelong Zappa fan, I can totally appreciate this. I especially liked when Dennis says "Terry, you're out of your mind" as he's playing the gord contraption. And then ending it with "nut job." Priceless.
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    Concert toms

    I much prefer drums that have some ring to them. Think Lenny White's sound on Romantic Warrior. That's how I've got my kits set up for sustain. I also don't like the look of drums without the bottom heads. Just an aesthetic thing and not particularly important, but hey.
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    Choose between 8 inch Tom or 14 floor

    I would suggest getting the 14" floor. I play a 6 piece as well and love having the 14" floor tom along with the 16" floor tom. Both of my kits have 14" floor toms to go with the 16". The smallest mounted tom I have is a 10" and I just don't see that much need for anything smaller.
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    Did PDP Discontinue the Wood Hoop Classic Line of Concept Drums?

    I'm curious. How durable are the wood hoops? What happens if you hit the wooden hoop? Does it leave a dimple every time? Are rim shots possible with these without damaging the hoop? I love how they look. Reminds me of Levon Helm, RIP.
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    Avant Garde

    You do what you "feel".
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    Virgin kick or not?

    I think @larryace is onto something here. And I agree. FWIW, I have always played kits with mounted toms on the bass drum. It just seems more practical to me. Hey, if mounted toms were good enough for Tony Williams, Narada Michael Walden, Vinnie Colaiuta, John Bonham, Chester Thompson, Ralph...
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    trouble with playing an intro fill

    First, you should suggest doing it the Amy Winehouse version. I think it's better. Also, Amy had the drums start the song, so that would solve your problem. But the Zutons is actually pretty straight. It may be that your guitarist is playing it a bit sloppily, which would confuse even the...
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    Hi-hat bottom warped?!

    The tilt feature ensures I don't have to mess with a perfectly good cymbal by drilling holes in it.
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    Hi-hat bottom warped?!

    I agree with others that it's probably always been warped. Assuming you like how it sounds, nothing needs to be done. And actually, the warp might help with making sure you don't get that vacuum effect while playing. After all, there is reason there is a tilt adjustment on almost every hi hat...
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    Avant Garde

    I decided to do a Google search for “Avant Garde just to see what comes up. Besides some of the stuff I expected like Edgar Varese, Zappa was in the results. If Zappa is considered Avant Garde then I’m big time into Avant Garde.
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    Your practice area set ups

    Most basements are damp. The real problem is if you get real water down there. If so, you need to resolve that to save your foundation. But if no real water, put a dehumidifier down there and keep the humidity at about 45. My drums have been in basements for most of their 45 year lifespan...
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    Your practice area set ups

    Man, you have a lot of holes in your cymbals.