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    How's business where you live?

    I'm smack bang in the middle of England. Wedding season has been fairly steady this year but I'm noticing xmas season is non-existent. The local scene has been dead in the water since just after the millennium. Nowadays it's just a sign of the times and folk ain't got the spare cash. Plus the...
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    Your last meal and drum.

    As long as I get these blokes I don't care
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    Getting a great stage mix

    So much depends on the room and you and your band members being professional. There's so many folk who can't and won't turn down and there's your on stage and FOH sound gone straight away. We try and keep things as quiet as possible on stage and let the PA take the strain. It's a little tricky...
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    Bass drum “sweet spot”

    Hayman used to do 15" deep bass drums. I had a 26x15 it went kerboom! You could sit at the opposite end of a room and you'd feel the air from the port hole. I've had depths of 15/16/18&20 but I just prefer 14".
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    Short sound guy rant.

    Just sounds like a bad monitor mix. Don't stress, we've all had bad on stage sound at some point with or without monitors. Occupational hazard!
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    Dark but not trashy?

    K Darks are amazing cymbals. I use a 19" & 20" Crash. The jewel in the crown is the 22 K Con Renaissance it's warm, dark but not at all trashy
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    About bass drum amp.

    Another vote for the decent bass drum mic. The Audix D6 is my favourite weapon of choice although there's plenty to choose from. You only need to mic it up for a bit of presence more than anything. I usually mic the snare up too just to get it to cut through guitars
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    Mono Mixes

    Technologically the US was miles ahead of us here in blighty in the 60s when it can to recording and generally records were better produced. Some of the Simon and Garfunkel mixes from Bookends are as good as anything released today. Zep 2 is one of the first albums that really takes advantage...
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    Mono Mixes

    Like this
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    Mono Mixes

    I don't think I've ever heard the stereo mix of Pet Sounds. I have the mono version which is a modern reissue. I thought it was only done in Mono because Brian Wilson is a massive Phil Spector fan and more importantly deaf in one ear. I'm after the Beach Boys Smile on LP but it sells for a...
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    Mono Mixes

    Even using 2 mics to record drums is in Mono. Crazy to think that's how some of the most iconic drums sounds and recordings were made. Abbey Road is the real strange one. They used the cheapest mics they had to mic the underside of the drums and the most expensive mics for the guitar and bass...
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    Mono Mixes

    Yet to check his mixes out, will have a look after work. The problem with a lot of early stereo mixes in particular the Beatles is that they sound lopsided, and the centre of the mix was completely empty. That was the really interesting thing about the 2009 remasters. I think they used...
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    Mono Mixes

    But now music is mixed to he played on phones..... Devil's advocate 😉
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    Mono Mixes

    I've recently added a Mono Rubber Soul & Sgt Pepper to my collection after all my life listening to the hard panned stereo mixes and oh my days what a difference! You can see where the time was spent mixing and it wasn't the stereo mixes. Got me thinking why did Mono mixes just stop and has...
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    Nick D'Virgilio - My new Sabian Cymbal stash

    I've seen Spock's Beard since he left and saw Neal Morse not long after Spock's Beard. Neal Morse is one of the best prog gigs I've ever seen and the 5th time I've seen Mike Portnoy