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    A drumshop no longer....

    I'd kill for my old drum shop to rise from the dead. A little upstairs shop in Wolverhampton called Drum Attic. I miss the convenience and owners who knew what they were selling and wouldn't flog you any old shite. They used to have some amazing 2nd hand stuff too. Shout out to John the Drum...
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    Performing and being asked to push back as far as you can

    Kick, hats, snare and ride is the meat and potatoes of drumming. Think of the pack down time at the end of the night!
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    Do most drummers hate metal ? as much as normal popheads? ( extreme metal)

    Love this album. I remember seeing them support Dream Theater in 2007 and blowing them off stage. I played Warwick Castle and cued the song for the journey so I arrived at the champion of Ithaca bit.
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    Performing and being asked to push back as far as you can

    This! Don't worry about playing in cramped places too much, it happens. Adapt and overcome. We've all set up in some ridiculous spaces. That's why I take a 20/12/14 setup with a 14" deep bass drum. Fits anywhere and doesn't sound like a toy. If a gig is really small I'll strip down to kick...
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    CBD Oil for Joint Pain

    All depends on the individual. I have a mate who swore by the stuff to get him through chemo. Still here to tell the tale thankfully. Get the good stuff though. On a less drastic note than chemo I have lot of cricketing buddies who use it for sporting aches and pains. I have a sauna few times...
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    Is counting in during songs unprofessional?

    Your left foot is your friend. Same as a stick click but not as loud I understand your problem some 'musicians' have shocking time. If it's at the stage where you're going to those lengths to keep everyone in then maybe you need to find some cats who can count! Alternatively, get gig tight and...
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    China/Trash Cymbals - what for ?

    I have a great 24ish" Wuhan which is very old that I play more like a swish knocker. Big dark and trashy. I also have a 20" Rude China. I'd love to use em more but the gigs I do don't call for it.
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    Advice on Learning 7 Hours of Music

    Congrats on the gigs. I'm in the listening camp. I'm lucky in that I can remember arrangements quickly for pop songs. Learn the words of the songs too, it helps to give you cues. I hope you're getting a kings ransom for a 4 hour set, That's brutal! I've stopped doing 3 hour sets because they...
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    Drumming Gloves are useless

    As a Moeller disciple, gloves are the antichrist as are sticks with any kind of rubbery grip. That's just me though. Please take that as tongue in cheek. More than one way to skin a cat and there's far more successful drummers than I that use them. If you get really sweaty hands I can see you'd...
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    Removing metal over wood finish as well rivets

    I'll heed your wise words sir! No active volcanos in England sadly and I live as far away from the sea as you can get. Canal will have to do!
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    Removing metal over wood finish as well rivets

    Just on the wrap which is metal. Don't think it goes into the shell but really not confident messing with it. 10 lug 16" floor as well
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    Removing metal over wood finish as well rivets

    It's at this point I'm glad my dad is a retired maintenance guy and has tools for tools sake. I'm thinking leave as is, call me a coward! I'd put a cheap green sparkle over the top (see profile pic) I had a 24x16 bass drum with the same finish but sold it. It was a finish Ludwig offered i the...
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    Removing metal over wood finish as well rivets

    I'm refinishing my Ludwig in good old Black Oyster but as the title suggests there's a bit of a problem........ Riveted early 80s metal wrap on a floor tom that looks like a nightmare to shift. Has anyone had to remove this wrap before? What tools would you use? If it's going to damage the...
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    Need a ride and crash for church gig

    Although I'm a Zildjian guy, I'd look at Paiste if you're looking to buy blind. Giant beats or big beats. Like you said although Ks would be nice, they're going to be expensive.
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    What is your “old relable” snare drum ?

    He sold lots of his gear off at my local drum shop they're from Stourbridge which is about 7 miles away same as the Wonderstuff. I had one of his ride cymbals and got rid of it like an idiot.