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    Tama Superstar Drums (vintage original line)

    Those were (or became) the Artstar prototypes, custom made for him by Tama. Story was that there were an old thin-shelled Fibes kit in a studio he was at and he became enamored with their thin shells, so asked Tama to make him a thin-shelled kit.
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    LM402 tuning driving me crazy

    I have two Ludwig snares (LM402 & LB417) and they both share a design flaw that is worth being aware of; that the butt plate is too close to the snare side bearing edge, so as the snare side head ages and stretches, and as you continue tightening it to compensate, the metal collar of the head...
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    16" and 18" floor tom interval observation

    I noticed this issue when I used to have 16" and 18" floors. That's why I went to pairing a 15" with an 18". It's not because I like a 15" better than a 16", but the 15" is just far enough away from the 18" when tuned with a similar low-ish tension.
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    R.I.P Neil Peart

    Holy Shit, that sucks!
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    Latest Band - Glose

    It's been a while since I've posted anything around these parts, though I still check in to get my lurkie-loo in from time to time. Anyway, here's one of the projects I've been working on for the last coupla years.
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    Larry's Snare Giveaway Pt 2: The Fallout

    Since I won Larry's Bronze Sensitone, and to spread the love, I'm giving this Brass Sensitone to someone here who can put it to good use and I'll ship it right to your door free of charge. My gain is your gain! This is a kickass 5.5x14 full of life in minty condition and is totally stock...
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    Black Dot on Bass Drum?

    Short answer: Yes! I hadn't used one of these since sometime back in the '80s, and based on my observation of other drummers I see locally and here on DW, most probably have either never tried them or it's been a long time. But I'm back to using them now and can't say enough good things about...
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    First Nite Out With The New Band

    I was already in one band that I was totally happy with and was looking for another to play bass. But then these guys came along needing a drummer and I couldn't say no because I really like their songs and the fact that they don't shy away from odd time signatures. So I guess I'll have to play...
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    Alternative to S-Hoop?

    It's happened to me twice now, where I show up to a venue that uses clip-on mic holders that are not compatible with the S-Hoop shape, so during short changovers, I've had to work with the soundperson to come up with a work-around. I love these hoops and use them on both my snare batters. There...
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    Why Musicians DON'T Deserve to Get Paid

    Sure to raise hackles and get some people bent out of shape, but I read this and got quite a laugh from it. We've all read the same versions of the opposite view. This is the first counter argument I've seen. Begin rant.
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    Video Camera Advice

    I want to get me one of these gizmos so I can become a famous YouTube drummer! Haha, okay maybe not. But I do want one and don't know what to look for. I hear a lot about the Zoom something or others with a Q somewhere in the name, but I also remember reading on here that the new ones don't...
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    Another "What I Was Doing in '93" Thread

    In this installment of "Blast From the Past!", my first real band, Control Freak (1990-1994), and our first 7" Emma's Thread b/w Sucker Curiosity Note: Check the "maiden" name! Later, we put out a full-length and toured. Here's a song shot during a west coast tour we did. Oh, and here's...
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    Soundgarden Demo (not cover)

    I’ve been reluctant to post this, but now that initial shock and weirdness has subsided, I’ve decided what the hell – time to post! Here’s the backstory: Chris Cornell and I had some mutual friends back in the early ‘90s and had several jam sessions together. He...
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    McCartney and Grohl - Again!

    Wow, just got home from this show tonight. Holy cow, that was cool! It'll probably be YouTube-able shortly if anyone's interested. Abe was no slouch as usual, but I guess that goes without...
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    The Minimal Setup

    I went and saw a band Friday night and they were really great. They have two drummers, a *really* great bass player, and great singer. I like their material a lot, too. Catchy stuff. One of the drummers has a deeper set of drumming skills, but the electronic programming is done by the other guy...