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    It happened to me.

    I didn't really turn away from the drums totally, but my obsession level definitely switched to model railroads after a decade away from THAT hobby. That said, I gave the drums a rest for about a year as my current living situation is not conducive to drumming. I'd like to be able to strike a...
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    What's ONE piece of gear that made you change the way you play your whole kit?

    A ticket to see Louie Bellson play back in the early 90s. Never looked at drums the same way after that.
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    16" and 18" floor tom interval observation

    I'm with MikeM on the 12/15/18 setup, although my plan is to put the 18" to the left of the kit like a sort of gong bass, and have the 12 and 15 as the first and second floor toms. I got a few funny looks when I said I wanted to put an 18" floor tom on a kit with a 20" kick, but if you think of...
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    R.I.P Neil Peart

    I really hoped I would be a much older man when I read this news. We know we will eventually read the obituaries of our musical heroes, but this was really a bolt out of the blue.
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    Gretsch snare restoration

    I recently cleaned up my old 5x14" round-badge snare. I have had it for nearly 30 years, and during high school, it went through a couple of paint jobs, both of which were terrible. Some industrial strength paint stripper later, she's nice and shiny again! I would feel worse about having...
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    Let's have some GOOD drummer jokes.

    I just saw this and had to pass it on. From Carl King: Q: How does a Nashville drummer count 7/4? A: One, two, three, four, five, six ,se, ven.
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    Depths: Science or Clever Marketing?

    After revisiting the depth x diameter debate, I got to thinking how ridiculous it has been over the years, having played drums since the early 80s, and how much I really don't like "power" toms nowadays. Of course, power toms were hot stuff back when I was a kid looking at drum catalogs, and I...
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    The DWs are in!

    Finally paid off the new drums and brought them home today. Thought I'd put up a couple of pics for now. I'm sure I'll have more soon! The sizes are: 5x8 tom 5x10 tom 6x12 tom 6x13 tom 16x18 bass I also have a 6.5x13 snare waiting in the wings. The sizes are a little small, but this is just...
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    11-inch "PDP" toms and the "X22" kit.

    So, the four 11" counterhoops I ordered came in yesterday. Can you say Christmas in June? After finding sources for the hoops and the shells (and Remo telling me they can easily accommodate me on the heads), I have begun gathering parts for the "X22" build. Last year's experiment with the 16 DW...
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    Bozzio style melodic drumkit in progress.

    This is about where my big beastie is at right now. DW piccolo toms which I stripped and repainted. Tuning goes from a low A on the right to a high C on the left for a 2-1/3 octave range. I'm presently learning about modal music with this. The bass drums are temporary. I will have slightly...
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    Where have all the OTHER DW drums gone?

    How come every search I've done in an attempt to find DW prices yields nothing but Eco-X drums, from Guitar Center to my local drumshop? What If I'm interested in something with an actual color on it, or bass drum sizes OTHER than 22"?