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    Hi. Am also trying to get triplets up to speed and similar to you have hit a wall. How are u getting on with them? Agree the video is inspiring and more musical than the usual Bonham licks that we see. Jo Jo is a master and his take on it is good but my challenge is the hihat. Linking it all...
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    Last nights gig and set up

    Cracking gig last night. Kit played a like a dream. Hope you like. Mile
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    My gear

    Hi all. Looking for thoughts on my set up. Been playing a Long time. My kit is a dw collectors series. It’s birch broken Ruby Glass. Sizes are 20” bd. 10,14,16” toms. Cymbals are 16” and 18” hhx stage crashes and aax 14”. I use tiggers on bass and snare to embellish sound for gigs and...
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    New to forum

    Hi all Mike here for uk (northeast). I have been playing for 30 years and lucky enough to have been gigging throughout this time. Pic of kit attached. Is a DW Birch collectors in Ruby Broken Glass finish. Sizes are 20" BD, 10, 14 and 16" toms. I use Sabian HHX stage crashes and hats. Love...