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    Replacing heads on stock starclassic w/b

    I think the stock heads are pretty good (at least were on my B/B). They were clear G2s over Tama branded clear (which I heard are just G1s). I like to experiment a lot though, so I've swapped out a lot of heads just to see what might work better. I've mainly stuck with Evans, just because I've...
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    Sabian custom shop experiment...

    Well, I have to admit I was WRONG and apologize to EhhSoCheap and IBitePrettyHard. I swapped out the Apollo bottom hat for a 14" HHX Evo bottom that I used to play. The top Apollo over the Evo sounds MUCH better. It definitely has more volume and chic. I was suprized by the difference. It...
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    Sabian custom shop experiment...

    All you need to do is pull it off the hat and put it on a stand and wack it next to a thinner crash and you can here a huge difference. Maybe it's not the thickness 100%, but it sure isn't the bottom hat.
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    Sabian custom shop experiment...

    I've listened to the videos of the 16"s and wasn't a fan. I talked with a couple of the guys at the custom shop and they said maybe a 15" version, but after playing with some combo's I think I'd like anew 14" top with some of the Apollo traits in a thinner config.
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    Fascinating raw/uncut vid of Turkish craftsmen making Bosphorus cymbal

    Sabian has much more art, science, and control. Why buy Bosphorus? Maybe price and an accidental good cymbal.
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    Sabian custom shop experiment...

    I have a set of 14" Sabian Apollo hats that I love the sound of, but they just don't have the volume/cut/attack that I'd like (open, closed or in-between). I have a set of 13" Evos that I like too, and they have more volume, but not the trash/darkness I like in the Apollos, so... I'm thinking...
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    Fascinating raw/uncut vid of Turkish craftsmen making Bosphorus cymbal

    That did not look like "the art of cymbal making". It looked like McDonalds for cymbalburgers.
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    Evans needs to make a UV2.

    Looks like they are no longer just prototype. They can be pre-ordered and expected to ship 10-28
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    Anyone used(d) Stick Gripps?

    I've tried those before, but I prefer Pro Mark Stick Rapp. It just has a tad more stickiness and damping to me, and it's reusable (at least once).
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    Snare Wire Buzz

    These can help.
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    In Search of the Perfect Heads: Graduated Thickness Concept

    I have wanted one of the manufacturers to embrace this concept for years (and have posted about it before). I'm currently using UV1s on my 10" and 12" toms and G2s on my 16" and 18" floor toms. I originally had all G2s and the smaller toms just didn't sound as open as the floors, then I went...
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    Birch drums. Why?

    The wood plays a role, but so does the shell dimensions, shell construction, number of plies, bearing edge bevel, heads, lug construction and attachment... blah, blah, blah. I know I could never make a blanket statement about wood type as applied to drum sound.
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    I watched Rena Beaves a couple nights ago...

    ...with the Carlos Montoya band and what a great, solid, player. The band was fantastic. The venue was small and intimate, and the sound system was good. Rena's playing was incredibly tasteful, and his kit sounded fantastic. Sakae kit with Yamaha signature <someone> COB snare, and Zildjian...
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    Vater 8A Maple Sticks

    I just picked some of these up, because they I wanted some lighter sticks than my Vater 5A and Fusion Maples. I've tried 7As and just too small for me ;). I'm really like them a lot! Great balance and even better articulation from a light stick. Anyone else try these?
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    Vic Firth Titan Carbon Sticks

    So I bought a pair of these a while back and didn't play them much, but recently picked them up again, and although they seem different (heavier, more forward weighted, and flexy) than the Vater Sugar Maple Fusions I've been using, they sound good and are starting to grow on me. My concern is...