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    If you were to bring one cymbal to a gig?

    I have a small gig next week in Long Beach, and I'm going to go with a small set up: 1 cymbal, 1 hihat set, 1 snare drum & 1 bass drum, and all associated hardware. So, which cymbal do I bring? I have a few choices of crash/rides, like my 20" AMIR or 17" El Sonido, but for classic rock I'm...
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    Does Trad grip make you "think" differently?

    Even though I'm not very good at Trad grip, it does seems to make me approach things differently and think differently too. I would say even if you're not a trad grip player and you're working on a part, it's worth it just to try it and see what happens when you switch grips.
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    Catfish John

    Bread and butter song, all day long. Here’s some New Minglewood Blues.
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    INDe Aluminum Snare Drum

    Ant thoughts on these before I buy one? Has anybody tried one of these yet?
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    Cissy Strut

    In 2013-2014, I did some double drumming with my friend, Jut, a few times in this band we called Strain OC.
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    Is this a good drum book?

    Btw, do you guys think this is a good book to learn from? Merry Christmas everyone!
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    Am I a bad drummer?

    Let me start off by saying after years of playing I don't break sticks, not for the most part. I don't get pains and blisters. I don't dent heads, but I've broken a couple bass drum heads with my beater. I don't crack cymbals (knock on wood). I can play most of the classic rock you hear on the...
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    Bad is Bad

    I think the album version of this song is a drum machine so I'm mostly money beat on this one.
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    Quiz: Can you name the drum brand by their badge?

    quiz here I got 11/13, or 84%. I know YOU can do better than that.
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    Not much difference - Sound Comparison

    This is a cool tuner app. Tell me how different these heads are.
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    Smoke Another One

    Just some stuff messing around in the studio. I don't know if I posted this one yet. Another one... That's nice... Here's some Roadhouse Blues for you cover band aficionados.
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    Overrated Drummers -who's on your list? Steve Gadd?

    I didn't make this list up, so don't shoot me. Top Ten Overrated Drummers Shouldn't Neil Peart be on this list too?
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    Which song is your "Mustang Sally" song?

    Mustang Sally is a cool song that has a bad rap for being over-played. I've never had a problem with Mustang Sally myself, I wouldn't even mind playing it with the band, but I do have a song that is over-played in my's Come Together. Man, I have played that song so many times that...
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    Sabian visited Lone Star Percussion

    I stopped by Lone Star Percussion yesterday after work. Sabian was visiting with a Master Class thing going on. I watched a cymbal get lathed and another get hammered. They also had a wide array of interesting prototypes on display. I tapped on quite a few of them. I found a Sabian trucker hat...
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    New Store Opening in OC, Calif.

    It's been awhile since West Coast Drum Center closed its doors, but now we have a new drum store opening in Fullerton on March 4th, 2017. Lone Star Percussion has decided to come to California and take on this (hopefully) thriving market. It's ironic that it's Lone Star Percussion because many...