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    Quality of drum shell - finest In your opinion

    I have prolites and agree wholeheartedly. The shells are phenomenal. Extremely thin maple, natural wood finish with a mat lacquer, it's hard to fault them.
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    Who are the top three drummers you admire and why ?

    This list could change by the hour, so I just went with the gut feeling of first three that came to mind, two that most influenced me when I was developing and one (Benny) that has made a big impact in getting me BACK INTO drumming over the last few years. Jeff Porcaro - the definition of...
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    Every now and then...

    I've been recently listening to a lot of Carter's stuff, and I really like his touch and tone. The sound he gets from his drums is incredible. His videos running through the Ludwig snare range is the best ad for those drums you could want.
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    New UV2 Heads Installed

    Will definitely be keen on thoughts on the 10". Wouldn't mind trying them, I'm using a 10" rack and 16" floor, have been wondering whether a UV2 might be too constrictive on the 10" (but I've got a coated ambassador on reso and coated emperor on batter at the moment and it still sings like a bird).
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    are all these "Cymbal Packs" really a good deal?

    This is a complete guess, but I'd imagine that when you're getting into the pro line cymbals, the manufacturers bank on people being picky enough to select cymbals from different lines for specific sounds. (e.g. you might like a HHX crash, but prefer an AAX ride, or whatever). So people will...
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    15" Hi Hats Shootout - 10 Hats, 5 Manufacturers

    I'm in exactly the same boat, been feeling the draw of the 15" hats for a while now.
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    I'd watch some of Harry Miree's youtube videos. Inspired by Carter Beauford's left hand lead, he set about trying to achieve a similar open-handed concept. His setup includes things like remote pedals with the hi hat on the right hand side, so he doesn't have to cross over his hands. I don't...
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    After a long internal struggle, I did it.

    Reading this thread it's just now occured to me that after playing for over 20 years I don't think I've ever used a 14" floor tom. I had a 14" hanging tom which I had clamped to a cymbal stand next to my 16" floor, but never one on legs. I didn't mind the 14 hanging tom, but it didn't have the...
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    Long boards

    I know I’m potentially overthinking this one, but I’ve just ordered a speed cobra kick pedal. I’m wondering about how it’ll pair with hi hat pedals. Anyone who uses a long-board kick pedal - do you use a long board hi hat pedal too? And if not, is there a noticeable difference in feel or playing...
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    Playing smaller rooms and softer music...

    A great point, Bo. You're right, ultimately it should come down to technique. I'm also skeptical that switching sticks will make a huge db reduction, anyway. For me it's probably more that the maple gives a 'softer' sound on the cymbals, rather than quieter, if that makes sense. And I think...
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    Playing smaller rooms and softer music...

    I've found the Vic Firth SD4 works for me for quieter stuff. It's maple, barrel tip, and plays really gently, but it's thick, so doesn't have that problem 7As might in terms of the grip. I really like it. Only issue is it's a fairly short stick. My standard stick is the extreme 5a, so it can...
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    And just like that, you hate your current gear...

    I used to own a Sonor Force 3005 kit, - 22" kick, snare, 10, 12, 14 hanging toms and a 16 floor. Was a great kit and sounded amazing, but the 400 series hardware was always a bit crappy, and my circumstances changed such that I had nowhere to set the kit up and play it. The 6 piece kit in those...
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    Is the Tama Iron Cobra pedal polarizing? Do you like it?

    I got a used Iron Cobra double pedal around 15 years ago - and it was pretty old when I got it. It had been refurbished (some springs and bits of hardware replaced), and the beaters had been replaced with beefy pearl ones. I always found the pedal sluggish. I don't know if that's just the pedal...
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    Choosing A Kit For Jazz

    On youtube recently I came across an old clip of Tony Williams at a clinic and he was saying that he uses the same drums for everything, and adjusts his dynamics as required, rather than adjusting the gear. I think when you turn up for a gig, not many people are going to notice or care what...
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    How would you compromise, and why?

    Very well played.