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    Steve Jordan - Yamaha / Paiste Endorsements?

    I'm a huge Steve Jordan fan but I just don't get his endorsement deals with Yamaha and Paiste. He plays Ludwig drums in the studio, when he talks about the Yamaha Club Customs he asked Yamaha for 3-ply drums with a swirl finish (essentially Ludwigs) and his tone suggests he was just okay with...
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    New Ludwig Club Date USA - Opinions?

    The new USA Club Date's really piqued my interest. Does anybody have first hand experience and comments?
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    Alternate Ride Cymbal Mouting Options - Atlas Scissor Lift?

    I'm contemplating trying to use a Ludwig Atlas Scissor Lift to mount a ride cymbal from a floor tom leg. Ludwig shows this on their site but I'm curious to know if anyone has actually tried it, knows how stable it is, and has any feedback on it at all.