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    Recommended listening for Jazz 3/4?

    a few of my favorites in 3/4 ... great that you are doing this my friend ... and this one beautifully alternating from 3/4 to 4/4
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    Hired gun question

    I greatly prefer tracking from home. and so far every client has loved the sounds I get so I plan to continue offering the service even after the world opens up. There have been not many things I've enjoyed more during my time in the business than recording at my leisure from home for the past year.
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    Hired gun question

    I always bring multiple snare drums and multiple cymbals to a session. I don't even know what is going to be right for the session or sound good in the room until we get underway. Your job as a sideman is to be versatile and accommodating. For the past year I have been tracking for clients...
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    How should I balance learning from books and learning from music?

    Books are a nice help but not completely necessary ... especially if you use them incorrectly the way most do. Listening on the other hand is the absolute most important thing.... Listening to the music that came before us and listening to those who are playing with you. Listening and getting...
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    What do you think of the Dave Grohl-Nandi Bushell drum battle?

    Dave Grohl is a good person
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    When can you call yourself a drummer?

    1. When you've invested an amount of time into the instrument that the average non musician would consider ridiculous or obsessive. 2. When you have made sacrifices in the name of improvement. 3. When 1 and 2 result in you being proficient to the point where others desire your accompaniment.
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    Amazing techniques !!!

    are you the fastest drummer yet? If not watch them again
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    Do Any Drummers NOT Use a Kick Drum

    I've never once used a kick drum in my life a bass drum on the other hand I use every single day
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    Counting notes is 2/4

    you are dealing with mixed subdivisions within one beat number 1 for example ... I think of each subdivision taking up a partial of the 8th note the down beat has 16ths and the "and" has sextuplets I like to count sextuplets 1+a1+a. 2+a2+a. etc. so in that example the down beat gets...
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    For the teachers: your first lesson...what do you teach?

    Every student is completely different We spend some time talking about goals and music. What we do next depends on that conversation, their age and ability level. I have everything from kids who have never held sticks to guys who make a living playing who want to brush up on things and...
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    Jazz soloing: Filling, phrasing, voicing, trading 4's 8's, vocabulary.

    I like your approach much more about music than drumming I make students trade 4's with one hand. I have them park the bead left stick (or right if they are lefty) dead sticked into the head so they can use it for stick on stick if they desire and trade 4's using one hand and their their feet...
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    I'm gonna be a bebop jazz player.

    1959 ? be bop? you'll be late ... again
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    Jazz soloing: Filling, phrasing, voicing, trading 4's 8's, vocabulary.

    To me practicing and becoming comfortable applying patterns around the drum set and soloing improvisationally in a jazz context are two completely different things both should be practiced and if they eventually merge naturally then beautiful but improvising and phrasing has nothing to do with...
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    Jazz soloing: Filling, phrasing, voicing, trading 4's 8's, vocabulary.

    where I do believe this is good practice advice and 5 7 and 9 stroke rolls in different combination orders do create some very nice patterns I do not believe that this is a way to become good at improvising ... again just my opinion when you are playing premeditated "licks" and pulling from...
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    Jazz soloing: Filling, phrasing, voicing, trading 4's 8's, vocabulary.

    that piano solo sounds like a drum solo to my ears ... use it one of my favorite piano solos of all time so much drum vocabulary in there