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    Metallica- Blackened 2020

    They do what they do ... all respect due always. But there is not a note of their music that I can stomach post Justice My first Metallica show was April 21, 1986 They were opening for Ozzy and Cliff was my hero. I discovered them around the release of Ride The Lightening when a friends...
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    How can I improve my marching snare skills?

    Not via text on a message board I'll tell you that much. Get with some better players and chop out. Get with a proper instructor. Visit Snare also look up @BillBachman and talk to him... send him a message or find him on Facebook. ... trust me You're welcome
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    The best bass drum sound!

    Moonie here from :27 to :42 then 1:11 to 1:18
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    Learning Jazz , is traditional grip a plu?

    Learning to use the motors of traditional grip effectively is enough of a feat in itself. Piling learning to play a completely unfamiliar style of music on top of that all the while being an admittedly unskilled drummer is a hell of a lot to deal with To be the most productive weigh your...
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    Learning Jazz , is traditional grip a plu?

    I recommend staying with matched and listening constantly Jazz is a vocabulary and a dialect more than anything else. It's about touch more than volume. mimic what you hear your favorite players doing and have fun If you need inspiration to stay with matched watch the following guys Bill...
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    Learning Jazz , is traditional grip a plu?

    two questions 1. What grip are you currently most comfortable with ? 2. Do you listen to jazz music ?
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    Learning Jazz , is traditional grip a plu?

    play whatever grip you are comfortable with the music doesn't know how you are holding your sticks and frankly no one cares. just be comfortable
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    Efficient practice tips?

    The best thing you can do is play with other people. It will teach you what to play, how to play and where to play it. It will also immediately make you aware of what you need to work on in your own time therefor saving you time and saving you from asking questions like this (which is a very...
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    Gaddiments Reviewed

    I see it as more of a curriculum for becoming comfortable with displacements and programming your mind and ear to feel figures starting on any particular partial. That's where creativity comes from. If you can start any simple sticking at any point within the beat that you wish you've just...
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    In Case you haven't Seen This.....Bermuda

    The consummate pro.
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    Do most drummers hate metal ? as much as normal popheads? ( extreme metal)

    If you can't at least appreciate guys like Dave Lombardo, Charlie Benante, Nick Menza, Brann Dailor, Vinnie Paul, Nicko McBrain, Igor Cavalera, George Kollias, The Rev, Phil Taylor, Thomas Haake, Perry Strictland, Andy Galeon etc etc etc etc .... you are probably just a closed minded person who...
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    Soloing in 3/4 - You Rang?

    Beautiful playing I especially enjoy how you look like you are doing your taxes while playing Mel Lewis always said while playing drums, from the chest up you should look like you are counting money or dealing cards
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    Corporate gigs vs the bar scene

    yeah I guess some of the rooms had a little too much concrete but once the room was full of people it wasn't so live. The brewery gig thing is new for me... I'm digging it. very different from the Thurs, Fri, and Sat bar scene .