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    Question for the UK drummers

    Prime Minister has just ordered pubs, cafes, theatres, restaurants and some shops to close from tonight for the foreseeable future. Chancellor just announced that they will pay 80% of the wages for retained employees. But what about the drummers here that rely on income from gigs? There...
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    Any gigs cancelled due to the virus?

    Hey larry! :) Very kind of you to say that and I've missed you and everyone here. Wow, been over a year I think. I hadn't stayed away for any reason other than just being busy with stuff and practicing. Yes, I see what you're saying, the right thing to do would be to voluntarily withdraw...
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    Any gigs cancelled due to the virus?

    Hi guys, long time no see and I wish good health to everyone. Got a dilemma. I have regular paid weekend gigs with the band I'm in. The bandleader has pulled out till further notice because he has underlying ailments making him vulnerable. He's happy for the band to continue without him...
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    On drums...Stewart Copeland!

    There was a very entertaining new one hour long documentary on the BBC tonight which hopefully will get to american screens soon. Any other UK members here see it? It was Stewart Copeland exploring drums as the founding instrument of modern music. He interviews, hangs and drums with loads of A...
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    Play in bass drum legs

    Hi chaps. :) I've tried to tighten up some loose play on my Yamaha kick drum legs, both in the same place. Every Allen key I have doesn't work. Either too thin or thick. And one that seems to fit doesn't do anything. I presume it's an Allen key I need? There's two hole positions. One leg moves a...
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    Few seconds of practise

    This wasn't intended as something to post but what the hell, here's 21 bars of practising to some random tune I loaded to my phone from youtube. Basically, I'm just working on trying to get my time smoother, cleaner and more consistent. Actually, that's all I ever focus on, it's the only thing...
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    Your Place and Drum Gear forums

    Sorry, I just realised I should have posted this in the site news forum. Anyway, nothing important but I always wondered why there are duplicate sections where people post their playing or discuss gear below the subforum headers in both those forums. There's the 'Your Place' forum which...
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    Zoom Q8 problem with 60fps

    I've noticed that when recording .mov files in 720p 60fps or WVGA 60fps, and then transferring the .mov files to my laptop and viewing them, the resolution is really low and it causes edges of surfaces to be wavy or jagged, kind of similar looking to the way computer games and graphics used to...
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    Sweet fuel for drummers

    I hope this thread is ok? I know it's not very drumming oriented. But I have a very sweet tooth and love my puddings, especially before a gig for energy or after a gig as a treat. I don't care for cooking much but I enjoy a little bit of baking and making sweet things. Tonight I made a...
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    Singers timing

    This is somewhat off topic but when I occasionally watch talent shows like the x factor or america's got talent, there are several instances of solo singers performing to backing tracks. And then the backing track will drop out while the singer continues and then the backing track comes back in...
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    Rimshots on die cast hoops

    I mostly play triple flange hoops, have done for years ever since I started drumming. I bought a Gretsch 10 ply snare a couple of years ago with die cast hoops. Same as this one. It's a beautiful drum but...
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    Almost lost my cymbals

    Did a trio of gigs this weekend with my regular band on Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. After yesterday afternoon's gig finished at 5.30pm I was in a bit of a hurry to pack the gear up and drive to a family get together 50 miles away for dinner at around 7pm as they were...
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    Youtube annotations

    Basically, how do you add a clickable box with text inside your video to link to another video? I saw a video made in 2014, and 16 seconds before the end, a transparent box appeared saying 'Here's my latest video' which you can click on to take you there. I've added a clickable thumbnail to one...
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    Never gonna get you stoned

    When Earth, Wind & Fire meets Rick Astley meets Ted Nugent meets Ariana Grande's dancers meets a dancing troll. A little something I cooked up last week for a bit of fun.
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    Roland TD9 and wav files

    I have a 32GB Corsair flash drive which only has about 190 songs stored at the moment and I keep it inserted in my TD9 USB socket. The TD9 displays all my mp3 and wav files that are on the flash drive; wavs that I'd either ripped from a CD or had created myself in my DAW. But wav files that...