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    New tools

    I know Carter Beauford uses a different bass drum with his RC kit.
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    Fans of Blaemire? Show em off!

    I have posted quite a few of my original Blaemire, and Jenkins-Martin drums, in the past. I just recently bought an 8x14 Purple snare that I had been holding onto, since the last Hollywood Drum Show (2019). It sounds incredible, like the other six that I own, and looks great with my black kit!
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    Fans of Blaemire? Show em off!

    With all the great videos that you are putting out, I may need to ship a snare out to you Ryan!
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    Fans of Blaemire? Show em off!

    This snare is in great hands, looks great with this kit, and love that you own it Ryan!
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    Fans of Blaemire? Show em off!

    Killer snare bongo! I love that it has the original Blaemire lugs!
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    Help me out here

    I played Zildjian A’s for the longest time myself. Then, in the mid 90’s I discovered the Sabian HH line, and put a set of those together, which were completely different. Around 2008, I fell in love with the Paiste Signature series, and put together a set of those, with some 2oo2’s sprinkled...
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    New decade, new brand!

    I love their snare-side heads! I have a Jack DeJohnette batter head on one of my J-M snares. I've been wanting to try a Force 1 bass drum head too.
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    Thinking of going down to a 12/14/20

    12, 15, 20 are great sizes.....they get my vote! :cool:
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    What is your greatest drum related success?

    Chuck E Cheese? ;)
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    Remo Coated Ambassador X on Snare?

    They are my go to snare drum batter on all my spun-fiberglass snares. (Blaemire/Jenkins-Martin) I don’t like the CS versions though. To me, they just add a little fatness to the regular Ambassador.
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    Fun little maple snare by Carolina Drumworks

    I've always liked the mixing of brass and chrome parts together, looks great!
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    Maybe you've seen this interview?

    Abe is the consummate pro!
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    Concert Tom to Floor Tom Conversion

    I love 15" floor toms! Good job on the conversion, and enjoy playing it! :cool:
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    Blaemire mystery

    I'm in So Cal. What I meant by I've seen those before, is the label inside the drum. This is what the label looked like in most of the shells he sold.