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    Our Bonham

    I was talking to my buddy the other day about Bonham and a stroke of inspiration hit me and I wrote this. I posted it on facebook and one of my fans created the image. Our Bonham, who art in Zeppelin , hallowed be thy drums, thy ramble on, thy immigrant song, on earth as stairway to...
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    2 new videos

    These are pretty good quality videos, they recorded the sound direct off the board and everything on the kit is close miced, audix d6 on the kick, sennheisers on the toms and snare. They used three cameras. This was the first weekend out with my new SJC kit 22x14, 12x8, 16x14 maple the snare is...
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    My new SJC kit is here!

    I ordered this kit at the end of December and six months later it is finally here. Everybody will tell you that SJC's customer service is the best, and it really is. George at SJC emailed me back at 11pm on Christmas EVE! I had almost 20 emails back and forth discussing my drums and I even...
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    playing on tv! what do you guys think? I feel like I was holding back dynamically too much but when we taped it the monitors weren't that loud so I wanted to let everybody hear over me.
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    The wild world of drumming in vegas casinos

    I just got back from doing a week of gigs in las vegas at one of the casino bars. This is my 3rd time going there to do this but I wanted to share my experience. The gig was 6 nights of shows tuesday - sunday playing 4 hour gigs from 8:45-12:45 through the week and 5 hour 9-2am gigs on friday...
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    Ordered a new custom kit

    I finally decided to order a custom kit. I have two kits currently both are very similar 14x24, 8x13, 16x16 (73 ludwig, 71 gretsch) I decided I wanted a smaller kit to make things easier on the road. 24" heads can be a pain to find on the road if you can find them there usually is little choice...
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    Switched to the eq4

    I have a 24x14 kick I used to use Evans EMADs for years but I got tired of the plastic ring breaking and spending alot of money replacing them so I switched to Aquarian Superkick I's or II's for about a year. I really like the superkick because it's easy to dial in a great round fat bass drum...
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    your year in review

    I am pretty much done with gigs until new years so I wanted to see everybodies drum year in review. How many gigs? Best gigs? worst gigs? new gear? etc. I did 131 gigs this year, actually less than last year (150 gigs) but I had a weekly wednesday gig that went from every week to the first...
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    My first and last (hopefully) wedding gig.

    I played a wedding gig last saturday, hopefully my last. The couple are big fans of my band and they come to see us at least once a month. They definatley know what we do and what we don't do. We had a meeting with them a few months before the wedding and told them basically what we can and...
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    I made the gator cases contest top 10 final please vote for me

    Hey I hate to be that guy that asks for people to vote for me but I made the final 10 for the gator cases contest to win a free ipod. My name is mike mcaloon and I am pictured with my CUSTOM green gator cases. click to vote for me and hit submit. I am...
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    leaving for tour rochester jazz festival

    We aren't really making a big tour out of this, basically going up to play the jazz festival and do a few gigs on the way home. sat. june 12th Rochester international jazz festival Abilene bar and lounge stage rochester ny sun. june 13th sportsmen's tavern buffalo ny thurs. june 17th rockville...
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    I smelled something burning!

    So I was at my gig last night playing away and I smelled something burning and I wasn't sure what to do but I just kept playing and I started looking around trying to find the source of the smell. I looked behind me and saw the lights behind me had fallen down and one of the lights was directly...
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    to benefit show or not to benefit show?

    I know every musician gets asked all the time to play benefit shows, but how do you deal with it, when do you say yes and when do you say no? and what about "fundraisers"?
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    My killer steal sweet ride!

    I went into guitar center today to get some guitar picks and I strolled through the cymbal room and saw this ride right in front on a stand in the USED section. USED $159.99 I asked the salesman about it and he said some guy had a home studio and traded in all these unused cymbals and...
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    I bought an acoustic guitar

    I just got this fender acoustic the other day. I wanted something for sitting on the couch messing around with songs and writing on. I wanted to get something with electronics too so that I can use it on the stage if I want to, or If one of my friends breaks a sting this guy can fill in. here...