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    Down-sized sticks - My wrists now hurt?

    So recently (about a month ago) I switched down from 5B sticks to 5A. Before the switch I never really found myself having problems with my wrist, but after I started using the 5A's my wrists certainly can't hold up playing for as long. They become tired pretty quickly when I'm playing. Is this...
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    Cymbal has developed a 'sizzle' sound - Cracked?

    Hi guys. So recently (the last couple of days) I have noticed my K Dark Medium Ride has developed a kind of sizzle sound... Now I've cracked a couple of cymbals before and this sounds kind of like that sizzle sound you get from a cracked crash. I've scanned the cymbal all over and cannot see a...
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    My Conversion to Zildjian!

    So I decided to make the switch from Sabian to Zildjian, and I'm almost done! (Just looking out for a tasty deal on some K Hi Hats!). Just thought I'd upload some pics so far! My setup :) 22" K CrashRide - My latest addition 22" K Dark Medium ride - By far the best ride I've ever...
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    Lacking volume - Heel Toe Technique.

    So recently I've been trying to incorporate more quick doubles on the bass drum into my playing, using the heel-toe technique...But I'm having real problems getting anywhere even close to the volume which my single bass drum strokes have. So I was just wondering if anyone else has encountered...
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    Zildjian K's with Z3's?

    Hey. So having made the decision to go with some A New beat Hi hats, I've been more interested in Zildjian's other cymbals (Since I have been planning on redoing my setup for ages...) Basicly, I've come to absolutely love the K Dark Medium ride, but also the Z3 Medium crashes...Now I was just...
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    Sabian's closest sound to New Beat Hi-Hats?

    Hey guys. So I've had my Sabian AA Metal-X Hi hats since I started drumming (and I adored them at that time). I guess my ear has developed or something now, since I just find them wayyy too clangy for my liking (when open anyway). So I was playing around with some clips on youtube and I decided...
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    Evans EC2 with EC1 resonsant heads?

    Hey. I was thinking about trying this, I thought the two may complement each other since they both focus the lower end of the drum. Has anyone tried this before? Thanks
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    Hitting my leg when I hit the snare drum...

    Hey. So I have this problem that I'm guessing is something to do with my technique...Basicly most of the time when I am striking the snare drum; the knuckles of my hand hit my leg which I just find pretty annoying, so would like to find a way around it. I tried moving my snare stand up slightly...
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    Changing my cymbal setup.

    Right so I've finally come into enough money to start changing the my cymbals. I play punk rock/alternative rock and I'm a fairly hard hitter. (I've broken a few crashes. All second hand, and probably not suitable for the way I play.) Anyway, since my nearest well stocked music store is a fair...
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    Sabian AAX Memphis Ride

    Heya. I'm thinking about buying this ride to use as my main crash/ride. I play a lot of punk rock/rock so I do end up crashing on my ride a LOT. This cymbal does look pretty thin though, I'm just worried about the viability of using it for this purpose since I'm not made of money. I use 5b...
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    Evans Glass 500 Resonant snare head

    Hey, since I'm planning on replacing both my snare heads soon; I'm just curious what kind of sound the head will give me? Thanks **Sorry I've just realised this is in the wrong section**
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    How often to replace the Snare Reso head?

    So I'm just curious...How can you tell when the reso head of your snare drum is wearing out...and how often do most of you change yours?
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    Poppy Snares

    Hey. I really like the kind of really poppy snare sound you occasionally hear; but I've experimented quite a bit with my snare (Mapex Black Panther Limited edition maple [14x5.5 I think]) to try and get that kind of sound but just can't figure it out. So basicly I'm wondering if you can achieve...
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    Using a heavier hat on top than bottom?

    Hi. So today I was experimenting with my Sabian AA Metal-X Hi hats. I decided to try the bottom hat on top, and I actually kinda prefered the sound a little. I decided to looks on Sabian's website. Aparently the hats used correctly round: The top is medium-heavy and the bottom is heavy...I...
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    Paiste Vintage Black Labelled 2002s sound similar to current 2002s?

    Hi, I am just curious; do the Vintage Black Label Paiste 2002 cymbals sound similar/the same as the newer red labelled ones? Thanks Max