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    Traded my DWs for ........

    The best sounding drums I have ever heard (to my ears). Deep in my heart I have always been a birch guy I totally respect maple and I do like maple but my favorite is birch and with the added bubinga these drums sound like there miked up........coming out the pa. The FATTEST drums I have ever...
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    Make me feel better...I dont like my new DWs

    Hey guys Ive really tried, this is my second DW kit. The first set I had about 10 years ago and I never really warmed up to them because the sizes were smaller and I played birch for so long. Man I just dont get the sound that Im used to .......that fat wet thud that my lovely Tama Starclassic...
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    DW guys in here ( your bass drum)

    What are you guys using for heads? Do you use the pillow that came with it? Im having a hard time getting a good sound out of this drum (26"). Ive been playing for about 31 years and the bass drum I thought was the easiest to tune but this drum is driving me mad. This is my second DW kit, the...
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    Think I picked the wrong size bass drum (26)

    Well after years of playing 20,22,and mostly 24s, when I went to get my new Dubs I thought I would try a 26". The drum is everything it should sounds big and shakes the house.... but its just not practical. I hate moving it and heads selections suck for it(I miss my Emad) I do like...
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    Chain vs Direct Drive..What do you perfer...and why

    Just like the title says, I would like to know what everyone is using and why you perfer one over the other.
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    No EMAD for a 26"

    Just orderd my Dee Dubs with a 26" and was thinking on which bass head to go with.....well I guess the EMAD is out of the ?. On the web site they dont have it listed. THis is my first 26" I used a 24" for most of my life and even getting heads for that sometimes was like pulling teeth. I guess...
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    20" guys....What heads are u using?

    I just got a 18x20 kick off of ebay and was wondering what heads you guys are driving. Its a Tama SC.Perf. Birch. Im thinking emad or powerstroke 3.
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    Pearl MCX's

    Well Im looking into some new drums and the drum shop I go to has a shell bank thing with Pearl MCX's in diamond sparkle. Its cool cause I can pick out and test all the sizes right there. Anyway theres some things about the drums that I like and some I dont. My biggest thing is the wrap is...
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    Get rid of my Tama for a Tama

    Hey guys thought maybe you might help me out. I have a Tama SCPerf. and Ive kinda had my eye on the new B/B Perf. Anyway the drum shop that I go to has a B/B (used) for $999.00 specs are 18x22, 14x16, 12x14(floor) and a 8x10. It has the Stardust champane sparkle finish(wrap). I think its a...
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    Coated Emps. vs Clear Pins.

    Iv been messing around with different heads on my drums the .last month. I have been using clear emps. over clear ambs. for awhile. So last night I put a coated emp. on and then tried a clear pin. and to my suprise the pin stripe had alot more of a open sound compared to the coated emp. I used...
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    I miss my 22"

    Back in the 80's I always used a 24" kick but over the last 10 years Ive been playing 20s and 22s. Well I just purchased my SCPerf. over the summer and it came with a 24 kick and I'll tell you guys I miss the punch and dynamics of the 22 on my last SCPerf. I called the drum shop I deal with...
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    Hybrid shells...Birch and Maple

    Just was thinking in all my years of drumming I never heard of shells with both birch and maple plys. Have I been living under a rock??? Has anyone ever did this?
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    Pics of my Tama SCs.

    Im new here, Ive been playing drums for 30 years and this is my 3rd Tama kit and my second SC. Performer. I grew up in the 80s so Im still a little addicted to birch. Believe it or not out of all the dum sets Ive owned this is the first that is not a wrap. 18x24,9x12,16x16, Clear Emps. over...