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    Need help with independence

    I have, but I haven't had time to check it out. It looks a bit esoteric, I hope it works well with the accompanying videos. If you want to get into his system, look for his book "For your hands only" which explains the basic stuff. For Efrain it's all about downbeats, upbeats and dotted notes...
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    Backing Tracks

    With the advances of AI some apps can now divide songs into tracks. It works much better than I thought, you can use it for backing tracks or to isolate a drum part for transcriptions. It's amazing, really. Here's an example: I'm sure there are more, but I don't know them...
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    Need help with independence

    Search for Efrain Toro's materials. He's pretty out there, but his basic ideas are solid, and I think everyone could benefit from them. After the basics it suddenly becomes extremely hard and demanding though
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    Continuing On With The Counting Discussion and How It Applies to Fills

    You don't need to do your fills always clockwise around the set and using every tom that you have. It's good to shake things up in your practice and trying things that you don't think naturally. Not to do them live or anything, but to find unexplored paths
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    About raise the knee

    Watch this Mike Packer video and it will clear any doubt:
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    About raise the knee

    There are different ways to do it. I do raise my leg from the hips for playing a single stroke. Just raise it and relax it and the weight of the leg creates the stroke. A lot of people play this way. Dave Elitch teaches it this way. The approach that MrInsanePolack describes is valid as well...
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    Bernard "Pretty" Purdie

    I love his fills where he just moves the right hand to the snare and toms playing the same figure. So simple yet feels soooo good
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    Bernard "Pretty" Purdie

    This is amazing
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    Programs or technique for developing hands and feet to improve drumming

    Check out Travis Orbin's website for his barehanded/barefoot technique and his grip video, I think that's the closest thing to what you are looking for. Seth Davis' videos may be helpful as well. Another option is to hire a personal trainer to get in shape.
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    About single pedal double kick,

    Looks like heel-toe or toe-heel, however you want to call it. Kind of moeller with the feet. A video would be better, but the explanation seems correct. Lift the leg from the hip, the foot is relaxed, the beater doesn't press the head, then drop the leg for the first stroke and use the ankle...
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    reason behind sticking of fills

    By the way, you get lost with the counting because he's doing groups of 3 notes but the song goes in 4: Count: 1---2---3---4--- Plays: RL-RL-RL-RLRLRL- Group: 1231231231234567 3+3+3+7=16 16th notes The sticking in the video you saw it's probably that way because it uses a long single stroke...
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    reason behind sticking of fills

    I've always played it with single strokes RL-RL-RL-RLRLRL-, but it's slow enough that you can do it however you like. I've also played it with both hands flaming some times. In this video you can see Joey Kramer doing it as I've written it below:
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    I've been given a song list

    I learnt "shake your body" a while ago with the help of a couple of tutorials:
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    Best Way to Learn Polyrhythms

    Search for Efrain Toro's materials
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    Matt Chamberlain breaking down One Headlight groove?

    Would love to watch that vídeo as well!