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    My Photographs Of Drummers

    Hello, my name is Todd and have been a drummer for over 30 years now. I am not a professional drummer but I am a professional photographer that has the privilege of photographing concerts. Since I am a drummer and love the instrument I always concentrate on trying to get shots of the drummer...
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    Jason Bittner Drum Clinic 5/11/2011 - Photos

    Here are a few of the photos taken at the Jason Bittner Drum Clinic in St. Louis, Mo 5/11/2011. If you would like to see the whole collection they can be seen here:
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    Chuck Silverman Percussion Clinic Photos - St. Louis, MO

    Here are a few pictures from Chuck Silverman's Percussion Clinic held by Drum Headquarters in St. Louis, MO. Very cool clinic, Chuck performed with the Webster University Percussion Ensemble. The complete set can be seen here:
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    Photos from Stanton Moore drum clinic St. Louis, MO

    My good friends at Drum Headquarters in St. Louis hosted a Stanton Moore drum clinic while Stanton was in town for a Galactic show. Here are a few of the pics from the clinic. If you would like to see the whole gallery they can be seen at this link:
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    A Photoshopped image of Chris Adler's Kit

    This is a photo I took of Chris Adler of Lamb Of Gods Kit. I did some post production in Photoshop obviously but I loved the way it turned out.
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    Some recent concert photos I've taken (drummer pics)...

    Just thought I'd post some pics of drummers from some of the recent shows I have photographed. Barry Kerch of Shinedown(Acoustic Show), Andy Hurley of Fall Out Boy and The Damned Things, Vinnie Paul of HELLYEAH etc.. and Sam Loeffler of Chevelle. I hope you enjoy them....
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    The Big Beat STL - Photos

    On Sunday, November 7, 2010 15 Five-Star drum shops participated in The Big Beat and raised money for worthwhile causes. Billed as the world’s largest multi-city drum set event, last year’s Big Beat drew 1202 drummers and about 3500 spectators and raised more than $62,000 for charity. These are...
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    Photos from the Terry Bozzio Clinic St. Louis 10/21/2010

    Drum Headquarters in St. Louis put on an awesome clinic with Terry Bozzio this past Thursday and I was fortunate enough to be the photographer for the event. I thought I would share some of the photos from the other night with you. It was a great clinic!! Here is a link to the entire...
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    My concert photography website...Let me know what you think

    Hi, it's been a loooong time since I have posted. I am a concert photographer in St. Louis and a fellow drummer. I wanted to share my website with you. . It features a lot of different genres and some drummer pics you might enjoy.
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    Stanton Moore Clinic in St. Louis....So Stoked, Got My Ticket!!!

    So I just spent the best $12 I have spent in a loooong time. Stanton Moore is coming to St. Louis with Galactic on February 19th and he is doing a clinic for 75 before the show. Stanton is one my favorite drummers, his playing is soooo greasy, I just hope I can pick up just a little of that...
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    Chris Adler Signature Snare Drum...Sweet

    Here is a link to the new Chris Adler signature snare drum from Mapex. Congrats to Chris, this is apparently Mapex's first signature Black Panther snare drum. I look forward to buying one.
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    Tour Zildjian on the Travel Channel

    This is pretty cool. The travel channel is featuring the Zildjian plant on John Ratzenburgers Made In America. They will show how Zildjian cymbals are made. Here is the link. . I cant wait to see this!!