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    Do people actually like the “ring” of metal snares?

    Three out of my eight snares are wood. With certain setups, they ring too.
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Nice. Are those "Brilliants"?
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Snagged a used Black Beauty 14x5 for USD100!!!!!!! I'm sure it's brass because 1) magnets don't stick to it, and 2) there are letter "BR" stamped on the shell under the throw off. There is no sticker inside the drum, so 1) I can't date it, and 2) it might be a "B stock". I'm also sure the hoops...
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    Pearl Prestige Series

    Hi. Does anyone have info on the Pearl Prestige Series? It's not a Prestige Session, or anything with an affix. I got a 12" tom a few months ago. The insides are very nicely finished, it looks like 6 plies, and it sounds very nice. Enclosed is a picture with the badge. Someone is offering me...
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    Sansui SP 2500... where is the mid-range in this picture?

    Perhaps he knows how to fix speakers.
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    Is anybody in power in the music industry….

    I don’t know where you are, and what your kids are up to. But technologies have enabled, not hindered, countless kids from teens to thirty-somethings in my country (Philippines) to form, play, and record in both secular and church bands, shoot drum cover videos, compose original songs, and post...
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    Is anybody in power in the music industry….

    I'm 63, and grew up playing and singing music. Nowadays I "assemble" music on a computer. Does that make me "unbalanced"? How about the artists and scientists who have been working in the realm of computer and electronic music since the 1940s? Are they unbalanced too?
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    What devices do you listen to music on?

    car: car stereo bedroom: tv/dvd/appleTV/chromecast > onkyo 9010 > B&W 685s2 + ASW600 workstation: macbook pro > focusrite 18i20 gen 3 > Mackie MR8 mk2 + MRS10 headphones: sennheiser HD 25 SP, HD 280 pro, HD 598cs, HD 58X Jubilee, HD 650. wireless monitor: sennheiser ew 300 iem + ie 40 pro.
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    20" Azure ride 2035g

    Sorry to necrothread. I just got a 20" Azure used for the equivalent of US$80. 1976grams. Want to know more about it. 1) When was the production run? 2) Is it out of production? 3) Does this really sound similar to "old Turkish Ks"?
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    Monitor headphone recommendations?

    What's your budget? What do you have now?
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    To swish or not to swish?

    Take a deep breath, then count to ten ...... Seriously, it's not just a matter or need and/or want. It may also depend on your mood at the time. I just took out my 2002 22" china for the first time in years after not quite knowing how and where to apply it, and it suddenly makes sense for all...
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    China Cymbal

    I have several chinas, and use at least two at a time. Right now I’m using a 16” stagg traditional (aka wuhan lion) bell down as a crash, and a Paiste sound creation dark 20” bell up as a ride. I also have a hybrid hat, a zildjian thin crash 16” top and stagg sh china 16” bottom. Funky!
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    any songs you like that are in odd meter?

    Metheny Group's "First Circle" Some say 22/8.
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    Ten inch main snares

    I had a Pearl Shortfuse (a.k.a. M80?). It sounded nice, and the included mount was very convenient. But the throw was the weak link. I sold it and got a “Firecracker” Steel (FCS1050) and the hardware is much better.
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    iPod discontinued by Apple

    No problem with me. It had its time. I had a 1st gen iPod nano, which introduced me to podcast subscriptions. But when I got my 1st iphone, that was it.