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    MADgeFest 2018: important update

    It's with great regret that I have to inform DW that the Fest will not now take place on 12th May as originally scheduled. We're looking to find another Saturday later in the year, maybe July or August. Peak festival season, I know! If it doesn't work, we might consider November which...
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    MADgeFest 2018

    Yes, you read that right. Larry's somewhere over the Atlantic as I type, heading home after his visit to the UK. He can't wait to come back and is planning to grace our shores again next May, so we both thought Why not have MADgeFest at the same time? Nothing's set in stone yet, but our...
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    MADgeFest 2017 - 10th June

    It's only a month away, squee! Time therefore to start to firm up arrangements, such as they are, as (like the very best jazz) it just sort of evolves on the night. Ideas are welcome - I believe Andy said he'd had some. We need things like PA, mics, amps - all that sort of hardware-type...
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    MADgeFest 2017 - ballpark dates?

    I know we're never going to be able to find a date to suit everybody, but can we start trying? I was thinking perhaps July, and wondering if a Saturday was the best day or whether a Friday might be better. Just kicking ideas around at the moment. In terms of dates, it probably needs to be...
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    Gig report :D

    Can one "rawk" a jazz gig? If so, then we rawked it :D I'd been hideously nervous - very unlike me, I can't usually be arsed to be nervous - but as soon as we did the sound check I knew it was going to be fine. The venue was lovely: it's a former church with great acoustics, so great in fact...
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    G-gulp. No pressure, then.

    My jazz band played our first gig in November. It was one of those unpaid ones that you hope will lead to something - and it has. Innocent, unsuspecting members of the public are going to have to PAY MONEY to see us, which is a new experience for me! The poster advertises "an evening of...
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    MADgeFest 2017?

    Are we having one? I'd love to. If we do, it'll have to be well before the UK Drum Show which is on 23-24 September, or people probably won't fancy making a similar journey twice. For anybody who wasn't on the forum last year, MADgeFest is a DW get-together. The inaugural Fest was in North...
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    MADgeFest - a reminder

    Yoo-hoo, peeps! The inaugural MADgeFest is due to take place on 27th August. Are we still good to go? (Because if not, I'll need to cancel the band ...)
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    Heaven help me, I've just been approached by a chap looking for a drummer for his sludge band. I explained that I had no idea what sludge is but that if he could point me in a the right direction, I'd check it out. He did; I did. I scrolled my way through the Melvins "Bullhead" album. Can't...
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    New band, first rehearsal

    A guitarist chappie contacted me the other week, looking for a drummer for a newly-formed jazz-type band. He and I didn't know each other at all, had never heard each other play, and I didn't know the other members of the band either nor they me, so naturally I thought "What could possibly go...
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    MADgeFest Final Date

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls ... drum roll please ... The final date, based on the poll, is 27th August. Unfortunately it doesn't appear that everybody will be able to make it, but trying to get a whole bunch of drummers to do ANYTHING at the same time makes herding cats look like...
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    One of the best "Drummer Wanted" ads I've seen

    Found this on FB this morning: "Fun loving, curvaceous and vivacious rock band WLTM like minded DTE drummer in Wrexham area...ish for friendship + Willing do do covers. No kinky stuff. Looking to write original material with a mind to getting drunk and forgetting how to play. GSOH a must. Looks...
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    MAD and Ben's Non-LDS meet-up at Magenta Headquarters

    I say, DW, Henri and Ben had a rather marvellous idea after last year's LDS. They thought it was a shame that that is really the only time DWers ever get together and meet each other, and it occurred to them that it would be a jolly good show if there were another opportunity. What better...
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    Could this work?

    My 1940s-style band has been booked for a gig in aid of the Air Cadets later in the year. Our closing number is the Ray Noble song "Goodnight, Sweetheart". This morning, as I was feeding the cats, I thought about segueing "We'll Meet Again" into "Goodnight, Sweetheart", and then I took a step...
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    Missing the crash

    Not for the first time, I am astounded and impressed with my uncanny ability to avoid hitting my crash. Hell, it's not as if it isn't big enough, and I don't exactly have to get up and walk halfway across the room to play it. How does it happen? Does my stick mysteriously dematerialise at the...