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    Anybody else on audiotool? (thats me) Its a program that lets you mix your own beats and loops and stuff. Completely free and you don't have to download anything. Anybody else using it?
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    Who is this drummer!

    So I got a CD a while back (years) from a friend of mine with some jazz on it. One of the tunes I really enjoy and would really like to hear more of. Except I don't know who is playing...Can anyone help me out?
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    Trading a PDP for a Gretsch

    I have really wanted to downsize my kit for a while now. For the last two years I have wanted to have "bop" sized drums (18in bass, 12 & 14in toms, tune em high). I really haven't thought into it until, well, now. I was thinking about selling my PDP and getting a Gretsch Cat Jazz; I could get...
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    Looking for some insight

    On my little contemplation... So here it goes. I enjoy my current kit (PDP MX) but ever since I bought my Paiste traditional hats two years ago I have wanted to downsize my kit to "jazz" sizes (18 inch bass, 12 and 14 inch toms). Now that I have my Bosphorus Turk ride, the itch for a kit like...
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    More ride cymbal help...calling Meinl owners!

    So here I am, once again, deciding on ride cymbals. I had come across the 22" Meinl Extra Dry Ride and the 21" Byzance Dark Ride on Cymbals only and I really dig the sound of them. Does anybody have any first hand experience with these cymbals? I am quite curious seeing as I am not very familiar...
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    Updated set-up. A few questions

    Specs PDP MX in Emerald Fade 22" x 18" kick drum 8" x 7", 10" x 8", 12" x 9", 14" x 12", 16" x 14" toms 5" x 14" snare drum Cymbals 14" Paiste Med-Light Traditional Hi-Hats 18", 16" ZBT Crash 20" ZBT Ride 14" Wuhan China First off, I am wondering what this community thinks of the...
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    Looking to buy bongos

    So I have come a very reasonable conclusion that I can't bring my drums out to college next year (duh). I still want to have something to play around on. Of course I am going to bring my pad but I still want to jam with a guitarist if the chance arouses. I was thinking that a set of bongos would...
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    Pimp My Ride

    Well not really. What I really would like is some assistance with the purchasing of my next ride cymbal. I bought a set of ZBT's when I first started drumming. Its time to continue my quest to upgrade my cymbals. I so far have replaced the hi-hats with Paiste 14inch Med-light Traditionals. I...