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    A groovy solo from the master :)

    Despite my life long love for Simon Phillips, I've never been a huge fan of his free form solos and I've always preferred when he's soloing over music within a song, but this is so good, he play a tasty groove that remains constant throughout this amazing solo... Made me crawl out from under...
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    Simon Phillips & Protocol - Catalyst

    This is so good, I've had to share it with you guys :) Oh my... the guitar's and keyboard's solo sections, talk about rockin'... Watch it in HD if you can.
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    A peek at Hiromi's new album :)

    Hiromi's new album "SPARK" will be released in April, in the meantime, here's 3 songs to listen to :) Featuring Anthony Jackson on bass and Simon Phillips on drums. Spark Wonderland (audio only) In A...
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    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to all of you, have a wonderful festive season ;) 2015 has been a year full of events, most of them for the better, life's good. Have fun and love with your family and your friends. Enjoy! Henri, MAD, Swissman. xxx
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    1000 drummers, One song... Wow!

    Never seen anything like this before, it's amazing. Anybody from the forum in this video? If you where there, please chime in and share some feedback :)
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    Forget the two drummers in a band fashion...

    ... this is the new thing :) That's a lot of drummers :)
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    Emmanuelle Caplette's new video: Peace For 4

    Emmanuelle hits it again with a track which is reminiscent of jazz fusion violinist Jean Luc Ponty, the video is well made with multi angles camera, nice to be able to see her bass drum pedal footwork in action :) As usual, she's very impressive...
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    When to fill or not to fill.

    Here you go Uncle Larry :) Inspired by the "So... what is a fill" thread. The discussion somehow derailed whenever a fill should be played or not within a song, so this thread is aim to discuss this very subjective topic. It has to be said that some style of music requires drum fills by...
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    Blood moon

    Anyone watched the blood moon last night (full lunar eclipse). I watched it with the family, it was amazing with a splendid clear sky, I even seen 3 shooting stars, it was my first lunar eclipse :) I thought it made the moon look more 3D than usual, I felt like I could grab it.
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    Celeste "C.C." Spina

    Celeste "C.C." Spina is the drummer for the American duo "Little Hurricane", a dirty blues rock band using mainly vintage gear and recorded their only 2 albums with analog equipment, the result is quite raw but full of feel and emotions, the more I listen to them the more I'm hooked with their...
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    MAD's Cartoons Stats: Anika Nilles wins :)

    Hi DrummerWorld friends After literally 4 years of uploading my cartoons on this forum, I thought it would be interesting to see which of my cartoons you guys liked the most, so I ran a little stats based on how many times a cartoon has been downloaded by the members, so here are my 10 most...
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    Wolf Alice

    Why there isn't a section on the forum where we can introduce new bands to the drumming community? Personally I would like to discover bands I didn't know via other members here... ... anyway, back to this thread :) Wolf Alice is a rock quartet from North London who as just released their...
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    Benny Greb: The Art & Science Of Groove - Groove Samples

    Benny grooooving... God I like this guy :) Groove 1: Marchin' Groove 2: We'll Do it live Groove 3: Groove 4: Grebfruit
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    This trio will never cease to amaze me :)

    Hiromi Trio Project playing Warrior at the Tokyo Jazz Festival. Hiromi: Piano, Anthony Jackson: Bass, Simon Phillips: Drums The interactivity, musicianship and virtuosity of this trio is simply phenomenal. I love them :)