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    Gibraltar Docking Station

    I dig the stealth setups. I’ve been eyeing something for my 5 piece by Gibraltar. first I’ve seen of this setup... ... nice.
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    Why do you Play?

    Because I can't play guitar or keyboards... But seriously... for all the reasons mentioned above.
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    what are your hobbies (legal ones ) !

    STEAMPUNK... There I said it. Yep, my interest for all things Steampunk is one of my favorite hobbies. I just love the idea, look, feel, creativity of it all. I'll dress in steampunk for conventions. I like to create objects related to steampunk... maybe sell some things on Etsy. I dunno, it's...
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    Best music documentaries

    I have floated over the Sinatra one too many times. I need to watch it.
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    Danny Seraphine

    Danny and Igor (of Leonid & Friends) doing a side by side comparison.
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    Best music documentaries

    Leonid & Friends: Behind The Music I think some of you know my admiration for these guys. A very well done in-depth view of the band and each of it's members.
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    Worst Album Cover... Evah

    Good lord... That’s some nasty stuff you just can’t unsee.
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    Vinyl Aficionados??

    In part some of us are talking about a romantic idea. Could there not be a finer moment than choosing the album, feeling it in your hands... examining the in‘s and out’s of the album, placing it on the turntable, sitting down with bourbon in hand and letting the notes just wrap around you? It’s...
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    Why are people on CL so rude?

    I assume Craig's List
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    Why are people on CL so rude?

    Agree... I am not to going to pacify the individual to neutralize the situation. That just signals to the individual making the argument, he must be right, where it is not. Not saying 'go outside and practice falling down' is going to change his mind... but I am not even give him an inch to...
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    The Singer ain't matching The Song

    16? Holy crap
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    Random drum community

    What's a MONEY BEAT? . . . . . SQUIRREL!!!
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    Anything Ruin Music for You?

    That's it!!! You just put into words exactly how I must look while dancing. Oh wait, No... I must look more like 'Waving Inflatable Tube Guy' Note: I do not know what a blow up doll looks like dancing... but I can imagine. No really. I can imagine it.
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    The Singer ain't matching The Song

    Not often, but on occasion I've been totally surprised by the Look to Voice relationship of a singer. The most recent surprise is with Mayer Hawthorne. I heard this great sounding R&B song first, then went to check him out. To me, I was surprised by the way he looks, which is kinda nerdy young...