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    What are you listening to right now?

    The heavier side of J-Pop.
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    Down to the bottom of the third page and no one has mentioned: Jessica by the Allman Brothers.
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    What's your Drummerworld number?

    31: Carmine Appice - clinic Barrie Barlow - Tull Frank Beard - ZZ Top Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz - Weird Al Gregg Bissonette - Ringo john Bonham - Led Aeppelin Don Brewer - Bob Seger Bill Bruford - Yes Billy Cobham - clinic Phil Collins - Clapton Ray Cooper - Clapton Aynsley Dunbar - Jefferson...
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    Loudest Concert

    Probably a tie: 1. Blue Oyster Cult / Aerosmith 1975 at Indiana Uniersity. BOC opened the show and was painfully loud. when Aerosmith came on Steve Tyler asked the crowd if they wanted it louder. You already know the respinse. 2. Ted Nugent, 1977. He was originally slated to play the...
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    Your least played snare(s)

    When I saw this thread I thought most of the responders would say the snare that came with the kit. Surprised to see so many "high-end"snares. For me it would be the Yamaha 5x14 8-lug Stage Custom Birch snare that came with the kit I bought new 10 years ago. P pulled it out a couple of weeks...
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    too many cymbals?

    I always used hats, ride and two crashes. For the last month or so I lost the right side crash and i am using the ride as a crash/ride.
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    Is it me, or do those sticks look gigantic?

    Even those are tiny compared to these: Check out Buffin's sticks.
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    show off your snare

    Early 60's Chrome-Over-Brass Gretsch 4160. Not all original ( P-85 throw-off), but it sounds fantastic. There must be a reason that they're still selling them today.
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    Look what fell into mt lap.

    About a month ago I got together with an old friend and a couple of his friends to jam. When I was packing up my stuff he brought in this old Gretsch 4160 and said that I could have it. It's from the early 60's with the smooth shell and the round badge. I think it originally came with the micro...
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    Too old to Play Drums

    Ed Cassidy, the drummer for Spirit, was Randy California's Step-dad. He was about 20 years older than the rest of the band.
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    EPIC drum fills...

    Another John Bonham fill. On "Whole Lotta Love: When therr'e coming out of the guitar solo and back into the main riff. Those eighth notes on the snare always send a chill up (or down) my spine.
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    What are your favorite albums?

    Right now... Queen - Queen II Led Zeppelin - First album Kansas - Song For America Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Yes - Relayer Nektar - Remember The Future Robin Trower - Bridge of Sighs Mott the Hoople - The Hoople
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    Pearl P932 or used DW5000 or 9000 Double Pedal?

    I have both the P930 and the P932. They are both smooth and quick. (quicker than I am, at least), Not a lot of adjustments, but I'm happy with the spring tension and the pedal angle. Good solid pedal and definitely quieter than my old Speed King.
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    Have you ever practiced dropping sticks?

    It happens to the best of drummers. Even the best of the best. Notice that he didn't get the right stick until the third time With my 20" bass drum I can place a stick between the shell and one of the tension rods with the butt end toward me. If I'm using the 22" bass, the stick slides...
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    Cymbal choke

    What are the techniques that you use regarding cymbal chokes? things like placement of the stick in the choking hand, placement of the choked cymbal, etc. I have found that if I place the crash cymbal in a comfortable position for hitting with a stick, I have to lean out three or four inches to...