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    Concert toms

    I like concert toms, but i'd never get a set without a bottom head option. There is something to be said for that killer attack though, but I find I can get that on 2 headed toms too with the right heads and tuning.
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    Floor tom sounds choked, do any of those leg attachments work?

    I have Booty Shakers, they helped a lot.
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    In Search of Higher Pitched Sounds...

    With fun-fun tax refund season on its way, I'm thinking of treating myself to some new/upgraded gear. I'd really like to add 6" and 8" toms to my setup, however, my budget doesn't allow me to get vintage, add on, or custom-made drums to fully realize this desire. I've looked around and while I...
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    It's Beyond True...

    I had my first practice set with a band where the mix was pretty thick and what a lot of people say about, "that overtone will disappear in the mix, don't worry about it" is very true. I knew it would happen but I'm surprised to the extent that it did! Also, I'm in a band now. I'm very happy...
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    Aquarian Studio X Type Snare Heads

    I haven't really had time to experiment with heads but I recently put a hole in my 12" snare's head, so.... Time for a new one! It's a Studio X Coated and I'm wondering what other heads might have a similar sound to it. The OCD part of me says, "What's the Remo equivalent?", but I'm open to...
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    Bass Drum and Floor Tom Pitch Separation

    So I've been trying to fix this for a while bu I can't seem to find a solution. My bass drum is tuned up (PS pro batter, PS3 reso), has good boom and oomph but I keep running into a simple problem... The 16" floor tom (Copated Amb/stock) sounds higher in pitch than the 22" bass drum. I don't see...
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    Small Cheap E-Drumpad for Travel?

    So here's the deal, my exbandmates moved to Texas. I live in Pennsylvania. It's why we broke up. They want me to visit them for a few days this summer and I'm on the hunt for a small electric drum pad for about 100$ (cheaper the better). As long as it can fit in a suitcase and makes recognizable...
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    A Cheap "Click" Patch Alternative :)

    I just got a Powerstroke Pro batter for my bass drum, I didn't get one of the patches at the store because I have some old coated heads I can cut patches from. At that, it sounded awesome but I wanted a little more attack; a little more click, so I added a use Amazon giftcard between the 2...
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    We just sit in the back and smile...

    I thought this was funny.
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    Changing The Color of a Tom?

    I hope I don't get ran out of the forum for asking this, but.... Has anyone had any experience changing the color on their drums? In my case I'm looking for a 10" tom to add to my kit and found one, only my kit is shiny black (no sparkles) and this tom is dark green. Should I buy it, is it a...
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    Small Snares For Metal?

    I'm just wondering, I like the high pitched sound snare sound that the Rev has in the City Of Evil album and I've noticed a lot of heavy metal seems to favor that sound. I know that that particular snare had very thick shells but couldn't you get the same sound from a small (circumference, not...
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    Fast Crashes

    My local Guitar Center has a used A Custom Fast Crash for sale. I've been eying the Rezo crashes for sometime but I thought I'd look into this one. I hear people either love it or hate it, mostly people who don't like it say it's too quiet and that it breaks really easily. I play mostly rock...
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    Strange Question About EQing

    I've found that when I yawn while playing it gives my drums a certain sound. It's hard to describe but I really like it sometimes. Does anybody else have a similar experience as this and know how one could EQ there drums to get this sound if they wanted to?
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    Time signature question

    I know in a basic 4/4 you accent the 3rd note. 1 2 *3* 4, 1n*2*n3n*4*n, etc. Waltzes are 1 *2**3* . What about 6/4 and 7/8? Where does the accent go?
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    Cut or Drill?

    So, I've had this 18" ZBT (don't say it) China since I got this first drum set of mine. It was used and had some minor cracks all around the edge, being a bit of a noob, I never payed any mind. Then I learned that cracks get worse like this so...