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    Tom Sawyer Cover

    So here's my band covering Tom Sawyer. I guess piano man decided not to try to sing and just yell but we played it alright.
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    My Band's last show of the month

    I haven't posted on here in forever but I just miss you guys so gosh dern much! Well this is my band Mandar and the Mooncoons, playing at my high school for 54 people, and even though we messed up almost every song I had the most fun ever. Our singer is pretty tone deaf but he tickles the...
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    New Paiste Giant Beat Crash+Giraffe

    So after about a month and a half of owning my new 20" Paiste Giant Beat Crash, I have some pictures. I haven't actually played it because of my back. In fact, I haven't played in months because of how bad my throne is, I have to save up for a new one. But the crash sounds very bright, medium...
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    Trying my hand at guitar

    Well, I tried the guitar today and learned part of Jack Johnson's No Other Way. I have never played the guitar before and the most I've ever done it play a couple chords with it. So this is what I've come up with in about an hour My friend uploaded it...
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    Ludwig Gold Triumphal Snare

    It's for Ludwig's 100th anniversary. Anyone thinking of buying it?
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    What determines the color of a cymbal?

    I don't know if this has been posted but I'm just wondering. All I know is that brass has a yellow tint and B8 cymbals are different colors than B20 but why aren't all B20 cymbals the same color? The same with B8 cymbals? I have a 24" Paiste Giant Beat that is B8 alloy and it's brown. But at...
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    Problems tuning my Supraphonic

    After two years of having the same heads on my Supra, I finally bought some new heads. A Coated Emperor batter and a Snare Side Ambassador. The heads seemed fine out of the box. Since people complain about the heads being dead I did the little tap test to see if it produced a pitch, which it...
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    New Paiste Giant Beat

    Well, my birthday was last Wednesday and my 20" Giant Beat crash finally came in. I haven't had a chance to play it yet since it came in so late in the day but it looks wonderful. I also noticed that there was a real big color difference between my Ride and Crash. Well, here's a bad picture...
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    New short video (well not really video) Hello, I made this recording a couple days after my other one in July. I've been trying to get the actual video up but it's making everything mp3 files. I know it's not great but tell me what you think
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    Glue from wrap

    I recently acquired a homemade drum from one of my buddies for 12 dollars. It had this ugly gray metallic finish that looks like he applied with some double sided tape used for flooring or something. The pattern is like double sided duck tape. I don't really know. So I looked underneath it and...
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    Over the years I've been gathering vintage mounting hardware and such. My Rogers Swiv-O-Matic tom mounts are kind of rusty and the chrome is pealing off. I was wondering if I got them rechromed would anything happen to the engraved logo? Also, I've had the mounts for about a year now and I...
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    Doug Clifford cymbals.

    I dont know if this has been asked or not (I really hate the search system here) but what cymbals did he use in the olden days ? I really like his ride
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    More giraffe drums

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    I was looking in a pawn shop the other day in Arkansas and there was a cymbal for 1999.00 No misplaced periods. Its a Bellotti cymbal, it was maybe 18 inches or so. It looked beautiful and it was stamped BELLOTTI. And under ITALY. I couldnt find any on the internet or anything so I was...