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    Unsolved Mysteries

    This is a fun little cover I did of the Unsolved Mysteries theme. It was for a recording challenge from another forum I frequent to cover a tv theme song. I dont sing so I needed an instrumental. I played everything on here live, however I comp'd the midi keyboard part. Everything else is...
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    2 chord song challenge

    At another site we did a two chord song challenge were you use only two chords to write a song. This was my second go at it, just built/slopped together today with no real planning. It gets a little hairy at the transition at the end haha. All instruments played by me. The first guitar you...
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    Song sketch

    This is a little sketch I recorded. I tracked guitars and bass last night then the drums today. Not 100% on point but gives me ideas, which was the point.
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    guitar loop drum jam

    The title says it all. Kind of a fun thing I do to aid in my writing and playing on both instruments. This one turned out ok and will probably eventually turn into a part for a song.
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    live video from last night

    We almost didnt play, the power went out while we were setting up. Waited 45 minutes and nearly started breaking down when it came back on. Pretty fun show even with not much of a turn out. Our bass player got off the stage and sat on the floor for a song haha...
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    The same beat 6 ways and some goofing around

    No click and a little sloppy but I always show new drummer friends of mine different variations of the same beat to demonstrate how easy it is to diversify and mix things up. Im not a great drummer but I use a ton of different techniques to suit the mood and accent different parts of a song...
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    A couple rom our last show

    Plenty of little mistakes but it was fun. All original music, I love playing with this bass player!
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    Freshly mixed diy recording

    This is the last song from my soon to be completed 3 SONG EP. I played everything except the bass and recorded it myself. My buddy mixed it for me. This one was interesting for me to learn to play because it sounded deceivingly simple in my head but in practice it took a while to get to...
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    I am finally making an EP

    I have had these 3 songs for a while now with hopes of making an EP and I finally got the process going a couple weeks ago. I wrote and played the guitars and drums and my friend wrote bass parts. I had it all recorded already for demoing to myself and am now in the process of re-doing it all...
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    live sound questions

    I recently did my first show, and though it didnt go as well as I had hoped it wasnt terrible either. But I have some sound questions. I know a bit about recording but live sound not so much. My main question has to do with ghost notes and snare work. Does this generally not come through at...
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    First ever live show

    For me as a drummer I mean. Was a train wreck, I thought at least. But no one knew my parts so I only knew I screwed up when I did. Glad to have that out of my system. I did an open mic years ago, was the house drummer, but it was college stuff and lots of drinking. This meant more and was...
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    a selection from todays band practice

    Nothing great drumming wise, but a fun song to play.
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    cymbal clamp/stack question

    I have a stack that sounds just right with the nut just resting on the felt but after a few hits it tightens down just enough on its own to make a negative impact. So Im constantly readjusting the thing. No nut is not good either. Any suggestions on keeping it right where I want it?
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    drum cases

    Im in the market for some cases for gigging. I have a nice snare case and a cymbal bag but am in need of something for my drums and hardware. I was looking at these:
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    Snare identification

    Hello. Was wondering if any snare aficionados could possibly help me identify this snare. A buddy from work let me borrow it to try it out and I may buy it. I am changing out the heads now but snapped a few pics and am starting this thread because my 8 month old is sleeping so I cant tune it...