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    Dave Weckl - Hard-Wired (drum cover)

    Awesome!!! That was very long did it take to practice that???
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    Rudiments warm up solo

    Nice playin'
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    Neil Peart

    Been away from forum for awhile but had to come pay respect to one of my biggest inspirations - RIP to tha Professor of the drums. Your creativity, musicality and passion behind the drums along with picture painting lyrical expression will always be remembered !!! #RideAway #TruLegend...
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    Gary Novak...thank you Bernhard!

    There is very little footage available on such an incredible talent. Thanks sooo much for the new Gary Novak clip!
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    Gary Novak plays Tom Sawyer!

    An interesting jazz interpretation of TomSawyer. I think Neil would be proud.
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    Mike Clark

    Did a search and I'm pretty sure theres nothing here on him.... C'mon all you Funk Drummers - surely there are some Mike Clark fans...Everyone always thinks of Garabaldi and Cobham etc...but Mike was doin some cool stuff back in the day also.. The Headhunters are a must for any funk/fusion...