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    What are you listening to right now?

    Been on a Vinnie w/Sting kick lately :)
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    Rhythmic concepts and left-foot clave

    Very cool - just curious how long did it for you to develop independence against a left foot clave???
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    Working with polyrhythms and odd tuplets using the PolyNome app.

    Some pretty advanced concepts - I got lost ?
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    Weckl drum hang

    Look forward to them every weekend ?
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    Is it me or is this totaly incredible....

    Really good drummers have a way of making simple things sound really good and project a oh that seems pretty easy I can do that - I'd tried to play a Gadd 50 ways type groove on a song with my band in a recording session and when it heard it back I was pretty disappointed - it sounded horrible!!!
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    Cowbell Mount

    I just want a cowbell clamp that doesn't damage my BD hoop ?
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Ah man when I first started playing my best friend who was a really good drummer and giging in multiple bands used to tell me "Your only listening to Rush bro, the British scene is hot" He started playing Genesis, Marillion and Level 42 cassettes in his car for me - these guys have a special...
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    fusion overload :)

    Nice clean playing...
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    Hey Rush Fans...

    Well Mike Portnoy is the obvious choice but, personally I would like to see them play with someone outside the box - not a NP clone ? but that's just me...
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Intro is as smooth as silk :) look forward to this every weekend...
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    Roland VAD506

    Ahhh - I think that's what we are saying
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    Albums with Stanley Randolph on drums?

    Can't really help with studio stuff but myself playing in a Stevie Wonder tribute band, I can't help but enjoy his live work with Stevie. Great pocket and groove
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    Linear grooves and fills - your go-to favorites?

    I always seem to sneak this pattern in a groove/solo... BD - HH - HH - BD - HH - HH - SD - TT
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    funky primer by charles dowd question

    Man my first lessons was with that book back in the 90's - amazing its still being used today.
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Really feeling Marcus playing with Valeriy Stepanov ?