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    Soundproofing Q - fill wall spaces or not?

    I'm all set to build a drum cell in my basement and I feel happy about most of the construction (battens + resilient bar on walls/ceiling; acoustic batten cradle floor etc etc). But I seem to be seeing conflicting information about whether to fill between the battens with any kind of damping...
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    Shake by Otis - tips

    My band is adding Shake by Otis Redding to our set list. Now, I'm happy as whatever with a groove, but those breaks in Shake scare the **** outta me. Any tips for making a fist of them? At present I'm kinda following the horns when I play along (we're yet to have a practice of this).
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    Band PA ownership options - thoughts, experiences

    Our band needed a PA system. So I bought one. I can afford it but it's not cheap, obviously. I'm wondering what to do with it re ownership. It seems to me there are 4 options: A) I own it. Period. The band gets to use it whenever we need it. B) The band pays me back from gig fees til it's all...
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    Al Jackson jr break in Turn You Loose. . . sounds simple . . .

    . . . but it's driving me mad. The thing he does at 2:02. I'm sure it's a straight 1, 2, 3, 4 followed by something like 1-e-&, 2, 3, 4 and repeat. But is it? I keep getting thrown off by the horns, or is it just slightly off the beat in some way...
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    Cover version permission for a CD - anyone in the UK done it?

    My band wants to make a CD with a couple of covers among our own stuff. I think I need to approach the MCPS to get the permissions, but it's quite difficult finding out what to do online. Anyone got any experience of this? I thought there might be a copyright aggregating website where we could...
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    Warm-up on the Ludwig Bonham kit

    Literally a warm-up after a 2-day break so I'm not exactly on fire. Thought some might want to hear the Bonham Ludwig kit (with 24" Giant Beat and 15" Sound Edge hats). Feedback criticism, flaming etc v welcome.
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    Is this Willie Hall?

    . . . with Otis, live in London in 66. It certainly looks like a young version of the Blues Bros drummer, but according to my (internet) research he didn't join the Bar-Kays til after the Lake Monona tragedy. Monster drumming in this vid. Stax truly was the punk of soul...
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    Bass drum cymbal mounts? For Ludwig Bonham kit

    Y'know. The one he had his ride on. Does anyone know about these? I can't tell whether Ludwig makes these still. They seem to do something in the Atlas range but it's a replacement for a lug that will hold a cymbal arm. Gibraltar does but I'm not sure the mount would allow the cymbal arm...
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    Old tune, Al Jackson help

    My new soul band is gonna cover Big Bird by Eddie Floyd. There are two sections (I call em bridges) between verse and chorus where the bass drum is inaudible so I can't work out the drum part. The first starts at 0:37 and the second is at 1:27, both...
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    Setting up a band - tips; dealing with people

    I'm in the process of attempting to set up a 60s soul/funk band (Stax, Motown, rare soul etc). I've got a core - me, frontman, guitar - that I know well, but am advertising for bass, horns etc. I've had a good response and hope to get people in a room together in the next couple of weeks. The...
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    Tempo change in tune - metronome won't do it

    We've got a tune we're practicing. It goes from about 80bpm in the main part to a pacey final section at about 120. The transition between the two is 6 reps of the Shotgun fill (see Jr Walker) that speed up from 80 - 120. Obviously my 'nome won't do this. All I can think is to program a click...
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    Right foot getting worse! But I think I know why

    Recently my right foot has deteriorated when doing some grooves. In particular it's one that hits all the 1/8th between 2 and 4 snare hits and the Voodoo Chile groove, that has a quick double 1/16th hit after the 2. It's like my right foot just doesn't respond. I'm pretty sure why it is tho...
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    Super Mofo play a beer festival

    My 2-piece played a local beer and music festival at the weekend, and the local online radio station recorded it, interviewed us etc. Here's the result :D It's all a bit North Norfolk Digital (but in Yorkshire), for those UK readers who know what I'm on about ;-)...
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    What's Carmine doing here?

    0:42 - 0:52 My band is covering this, but I'm a bit stumped as to what Carmine's playing in these parts. It sounds to me like skkkskkkskkkskkk over a bar but he's also whacking away at the floor tom by the look of it. Any ideas anyone?
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    My fave fill right now (one for the groovey minimalists)

    This one from JB's band at 2:39. It's Jabo on drums. Anyway, it's lovely in its minimalist groove-iness, with great snare sound and dynamics