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    Sidestick and Rim clicks with triggers

    I am wanting to buy Roland triggers to make a practice kit to replace the pads of my Yamaha DTX electric kit. If I get the dual zone trigger, my rimshots should be covers, but what about sidestick and rim clicks? If I go to do a rim click, am I going to be triggering rimshots? Would I be better...
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    My own rendition of "Wicked Game" by Chris Isaak : )

    Check out my video for a cover I did. I did all the tracks and mixed and mastered it. Let me know what you think!
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    Will a Mono 1/4" work in a Stereo input?

    I am wanting to order some parts to build drum triggers but I don't believe I need stereo triggers for my toms, but my drum module has stereo (Dual zone) inputs. So if I make a mono trigger, will it work?
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    Need advice on my internal kick mic problem

    I made an internal mounting system for my kick drum for live purposes, similar to the Kelly Shu model. When I have the front head off, the placement where I have it sounds really good to me, but as soon as I put the front head on, it sounds pretty bad (see clip below). I did this mainly because...
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    Any way I can buy just a stand base?

    Long story short, I need a Roadpro tom stand base. Really just a base with a 1" opening to fit a Roadpro double mount that I already have. I don't want to have to buy a whole stand, but I don't know of anywhere I could buy just a base.
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    Does my dream stick exist?

    My perfect stick would be a Vater Mike Johnston sig with a ball tip and a lacquer finish. Does this exist? Obviously it wouldnt be a mike johnston, but maybe a Vater Fusion with said changes? The closest I have found is a Zildjian Dennis Chamber's sig, which is sooooo close but I believe it is...
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    Wrist pain when playing electric drums?

    I bought an electric kit for band practices about a year ago. I've noticed recently that whenever I play it, it hurts my wrist pretty badly. I am assuming it would be because rubber pads dont have as much shock absorption. Is this a common thing? I don't think its from drumming in general...
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    Check out my album I'm putting out!

    Hey guys, I figured this was the best place to put this. I'm putting out my own solo album (even though it's only an EP). I did everything on it, including production, engineering, ect. Please take a minute to check it out and if you're on Facebook, throw me a like! Thank you guys...
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    Looking for advice from fellow music store employees

    ...Or just any helpful folk I suppose. I work at a music store in Concord NC. I am assistant manager and I kind of run the drum dept there. Within the past year or so, drum traffic has really slowed down for some reason. Right now we carry a lot of Ddrum and Gretsch kits (although we can get...
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    Anyone else using the moongel workout pad?

    I picked up the little 7" moongel practice pad and it says it has an 8mm insert to allow mounting to cymbal stand but it seems like the insert is way too small, even though i mount my evans apprentice on a cymbal stand and they claim to have the same thread size. Am I crazy?
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    Where do YOU mount your zilbel?

    I have a 6" Zilbel and am having a hard time deciding where to put it. I dont want to do the typical "mount upside down on your ride" because I like to use the bell on my ride, and all my cymbals for that matter. so I was just curious where you guys have yours.
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    does anyone make this stick?!

    I'm on the prowl for my ideal drumstick. I have almost found it in the Jojo Mayer sig stick, the only thing is I was they were oak. I'd like to find a 5a(ish) size stick, barrel tip, about 15 1/2" length, made of oak. Does this stick exist? if not, anyone have any recommendations for maybe a...
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    question about the way cymbals all work together

    So right now a good portion of my cymbals are brighter. I have 2 meinl byzance brilliant crashes, dream bliss ride, but I want to change out my A custom mastersounds and I'm really digging on the sound of some dark matter hi hats. But I'm worried that my cymbal setup as a whole will sound kind...
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    Had a Guitarist try out today..... oh boy....

    So I play guitar and drums and I feel like I'm pretty competent in both areas. For a while we were trying to find a drummer because I wrote a lot of the guitar parts and so it was just kind of assumed I'd be the guitar player. But we have NOT been able to find a drummer. So I said "well lets try...
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    Port on batter side kick head? I saw this video and had never seen something like this before. Is this in anyway common? I ask because I really dont want to port my Fiberskyn because I love the way it looks unported. obviously if Its the best, sound wise, then I'll do it but If I...