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    Cymbal Recommendations?

    10" Sabian ozone splash will fill out your kit.
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    Who are the top three drummers you admire and why ?

    Then: Ringo Charlie Watts Stewart Copeland Now: Ringo Carter Beauford Steve Jordan
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    Newbie Looking for a Drum Kit Add cymbals and voila! The Honda Accord of drumkits. I'd take these over Stage Customs all day long. ..and I've owned both. I still have this kit if that tells you...
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    The reason for the Gretsch sound?

    I've got the older Renowns. They record beautifully and do have a unique, sweet sound. I can't imagine drums with more sustain, even with the die cast hoops.
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    What's better

    Play for enjoyment but record yourself. I promise it will make you want to play better. I usually ask myself before I play "How would a professional play this?". Sounds dumb and maybe it is but it helps me concentrate and play simply...aka professionally.
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    Vintage Pearl MX1982 value/quality?

    As soon as you cut down the power toms you'll start getting ads from Sweetwater and DCP that say "POWER TOMS ARE BACK". And, they will come back at some point if for no other reason but they sound great. I've got a Pearl kit with 12 x 10 and 10 x 10 mounted toms and I love them. No issues...
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    What is "Worship Music"?

    I've played contemporary Christian music for several years now. At it's best it's a means of worshiping God and can be very powerful. It took me a while to get used to playing it. I've always been a groove drummer, playing Motown, soul, funk and rock. A lot of the drummers in the CC genre almost...
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    Snare to complement my Acrolite

    The Gretsch Brooklyn standard is a nice snare for $500. It will sound quite different from your Acrolite. It's a wood snare that appears to sound great in all tunings.
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    Zildjian- vintage vs newer

    I've got a similar 60's ride. It's just under 3000 grams. It can be very loud and a bit rude from the drummer's perspective. Out front though it has a nice combination of ping and wash as long as you don't play it too hard...then you get the roar!
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    Name That Price- Pearl vintage snare and accessories

    My paid more for the head than the snare. $87.50 all in.
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    Phil Rudd's Views on Click Tracks

    The audience will still clap on one and three, click or no click. Seriously, I don't hate the click but I do feel it hurts some types of music. The Charlie Watts example is perfect. He is a jazz drummer and has great timing and feel but he certainly slows down and speeds up. Listen to Tommy...
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    Your experiences with sound exactness with same model cymbals

    I agree that Paiste is the most consistent product out there. I have several Formula 602 cymbals from different eras and they sound amazingly alike. The Zildjian A Customs I have sound very much like the 602s. I also love the Zildjian A line and mix them with Sabian AAs with no problems. One...
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    Your first band

    We started a band in Junior High. Two drummers, no bass player, trumpet, no singer. I ended up singing and we won our school talent show. From there we played a few gigs around town and had some fun. We did mostly Motown stuff and some Stones. We had to fire the trumpet player because he played...
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    Stick Experimentation Disease?

    I tried just about everything at some point. My favorite stick was discontinued (Carter Beauford signature) but I found one I like even more. I bought up a bunch of the Carter Beauford sticks before they were discontinued but I'm down to five pairs...