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    Smokin - Boston: Drum Cover

    You played that great. I played along with that whole album for years. Still do once in a while. Good job
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    Pearl or Taye?

    I played on several older Pearl export kits with that lug design. While I think it's dumb to have the three piece love like that just to make it look like a high-tension lug casting, and coupled with the fact that I don't care for pearls Tom holders I got to say that all of my experiences with...
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    Tama Experts - Badge With No Serial Number

    Those are modern Superstars, it says Superstar right on the badge and the vintage Superstars didn't have lugs like that.
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    I normally go to bed at 9. Most of my gigs start at 9 so whenever it's available I drink coffee through the whole gig. But I'm an addict anyway LOL love my coffee
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    Weak trigger signal

    I had a problem with a weak trigger signal only I was using a really good trigger. I ended up plugging it into my headphone amp and boosting the signal that way worked really great. I was using an Alesis sample pad for the module when I use that same trigger on something else that triggers just...
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    Kick triggers

    I have the Roland rt-30k and a 22-inch kick also. I have a Alesis sample pad that I can get my sound from and I also have a Alesis Nitro kit that I can use for a module also. I never fool with it anymore. I'm a wannabe metal drummer LOL I'm 61 and I play in a country band and a classic rock band...
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    Kick triggers

    I bought a used 50 watt Simmons amp for my little 6 1/2 by 13 room I think it works great.
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    Hanging vs. Floor Tom

    My starclassic performers came with a 12 by 14 hanging Tom. I used it like that for a little while and decided I preferred legs on mine. So I ordered some legs I think they were Gibraltar brand put them on and the never looked back. One thing positive about mine though was there were no brackets...
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    How many of you sing while drumming?

    Oh yeah I sing all the time , but I'm not allowed to have a microphone LOL
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    Why Rodney Holmes never made it big?

    Well after reading grunters dad's post which is a very impressive list of accomplishments by any drummer's standards, I'd have to say it's by choice. Maybe he doesn't like the road or something. I know nothing about him but he may be in extreme family man and will not go out touring
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    Drum throne for short person?

    I'm 5 foot 6 just barely and I have a tractor seat style pork pie throne. I like to sit pretty low and I have mine raised up a couple of inches higher than its lowest setting. So I would say that one goes pretty low
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    Drum set finish - yea or nay?

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    Pedal spring replacement frequency

    I only change mine when they break I've never noticed one feeling stretched out or anything
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    The reason for the Gretsch sound?

    That's interesting. The only Gretsch drums I've had hands-on experience with was an old kit probably from the late 60s 4 piece they look like 6 ply Maple shells that had been rewrapped in a solid black finish.. I think they were rewrapped because there were holes on the inside of the shell for a...
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    The reason for the Gretsch sound?

    According to Modern drummer Magazine from the late 80s possibly and my memory LOL the silver sealer actually brings out blemishes in the show and does not hide or cover them up. Having said that I think it's just die cast hoops and a 30-degree bearing Edge that makes them sound different...