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    How to learn linear drumming in a way that is actually applicable to music?

    Musicality is born inside. Musical ideas are just that...ideas. In other words, I could have impeccable technique, but if my ideas aren't there, what's the use of the technique? The best way I know how to get ideas is to listen to music I aspire to play, and emulate if not outright steal it. All...
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    Sleeved Washers or related products, do they really work?

    Hendrix washers. I'll have to check them out. Thanks Winston. If Winston loves them that's good enough for me. Someguy's suggestion also looks like a winner. Good stuff man, I'm digging it
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    Refinishing a stained kit

    Hey man thanks for the tip on the wood website. It's kind of the whole second step, deciding to do it, then getting it. At probably less than $175 after shipping and tax, it's certainly worth it. Should I rough up the shells before applying the veneer? You know, show 'em who's boss? :)
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    Refinishing a stained kit

    It turns out I need only 2 - 4'x8' sheets of veneer. 120 shekels. I'm there. The deepest shell is less than 24" so I can use the sheets efficiently with minimal waste. I'm looking for opinions here. I was considering a cherry veneer. Over a birch shell. Initially I wanted birch because it's a...
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    Refinishing a stained kit

    I considered that. I'm pretty sure veneer is much thinner than wraps, but I don't know for sure. These Eames shells aren't what I would call thin. So I don't want more mass. Also I'm not a good wood finisher. I make things work. Making them look good is someone else's job. I do feel I could do a...
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    Refinishing a stained kit

    Thank you everyone for your helpful suggestions. Sanding is out, lathing is out, wrap was considered. I'm going with a birch veneer when I do it. Not sure yet if I will keep it natural or stain it. I really want woodgrain. Piano Black was never really a first choice.
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    Are you performing with a facemask?

    In 2022 I'll re-assess. I'm not doing any gigs before then.
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    Life as a Young Man

    I was taught that I have the same amount of fat cells as the day I was born. Only their size changes. So which is it?
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    Re-Shaping Tip of Drumstick

    Sounds like a job for Mr. Grinding Wheel...
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    When's the right time to play with other musicians?

    Your greatest desires are placed right past your fears It's the fear that's your enemy not your playing.
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    Have your Idols followed you?

    I didn't know it at the time, but looking back, before age 12, I was unknowingly influenced primarily by Hal Blaine, Earl Palmer, Jim Gordon, Roger Hawkins, Benny Benjamin, Pistol Allen and Uriel Jones. So "The Wrecking Crew", "The Swampers" and the Motown drummers. Kinda happy about that...
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    Your first club

    My first time playing in a club I was 15 (1974), clearly underage, and doing a sit-in/audition in a Southern NJ club, Mr. M's. I got kicked off after one song lol. It's a "Gentlemens" club now
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    Mapex Saturn V

    Sticks4Drums was his original and most known handle here, there were others. Balto was one. Glen was Mapex Saturn's biggest unpaid endorser EVA. He was famous for an outdoor pic of his Artic White Saturns. There were like what 98 drums in that pic? And he pushed them at every opportunity. He's...
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    How should I balance learning from books and learning from music?

    FWIW, record yourself as you play these books. Play to songs too. Listen back hard for areas you don't like. Keep what doesn't bother you and re-think the parts that do. When you don't have to actually play and can allocate all your brain power to listening...I'm just saying that it moved me...