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    Age old question: How to prevent the kick drum/hi hat from sliding away

    My rug is from Home Depot. It's indoor/outdoor, non backed carpeting. I paid less than $25 for it. I had to trim it, it was too big. The piece I use is about 6x6, it weighs about a pound, and it travels inside my bass drum case. So it's easy and I can't forget it. The throne and my weight keep...
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    need help with tom issue

    This is the exact same scenario I had with my 76 Ludwigs, that compelled me to go with RIMS/ISO mounts. I'm assuming your drum has a shell mounted mounting bracket. You'll get arguments both ways, but IMO the ISO mounts really do what they are advertised to do. Let the drum sing that is. I...
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    Three or Four Hours

    Rehearsals are over-rated in my mind. I never really liked them because everybody would be learning their part during rehearsal instead of having it together already. If I'm going to drive an hour for rehearsal, I want the guys to have their parts DOWN. 3 hours is the limit for me. The best...
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    Dusty Hill, ZZ Top bassist, dies at 72

    Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers, and Dusty's great singing
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    Help deciding on maple kit...

    There is a current thread going called "Zombie Threads", where this very situation, late responses to old threads...are discussed. Most don't mind the zombies judging from the consensus of that thread. So it's fresh in everyone's mind basically. Then along comes John and totally upsets the...
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    Where are you technically supposed to sit on your throne?

    OMG Brian, you're a scream! That's a pretty accurate picture lol Actually I was going for the "edge of my seat" thing.
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    Help deciding on maple kit...

    When a brand new member commits a date stamp infraction, a little tolerance is required. Not everyone notices the date stamp at first. It took me some time before I noticed it. It's a new member rookie oversight, that's all. Welcome to the forum John. TK is a good guy.
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    Where are you technically supposed to sit on your throne?

    I sit on my throne as if I am watching the scary part of a scary movie
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    Yo what pedals are you guys rocking?

    Oh the 9000 for sure. Like butter. Blindfolded, I probably couldn't tell the 5000 from the 3000
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    A small (or not?) damage on the edge a ride cymbal

    Take it to a local cymbalsmith...if you can that is...and get their opinion. If you feel adventurous you could try gently hammering it back it to the original shape. Just don't apply any heat. Filing the crack could be another option but by all means consult a pro before doing anything. Matt...
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    A small (or not?) damage on the edge a ride cymbal

    Especially in the 2nd photo from the right, ending in #502, it does look like the cymbal took a hit the way the edge dips down. It looks like a possible future crack site to me. This is me totally guessing, but each side has a different angle on the dip. That's going to concentrate stress right...
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    Its Hot!

    It hasn't been too hard of a summer heat-wise here near Phila. In fact I couldn't believe how mild it was some of the July days. Today is comfortable. It's usually not comfortable in July and August here. If you asked me, I'd say we had a mild year. Mild Winter, full length mild Spring, and IMO...
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    Yo what pedals are you guys rocking?

    DW 3000, 5000 and 9000
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    Zombie Threads

    First, thank you for the kind words. Second, I'm impressed that you found this, and that you recognized it, and even found the thread it came from. 1000 thank yous. Make it a million. Kinda made my day, knowing my words are in a published in a book. That I can prove lol, thanks to your...
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    CM's review

    I do respect your decision to sit with it a bit. That's what a good review is made from. I don't want to hurry up your process, I just wanted you to know that I'm looking forward to your take on it.