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    Cymbal Recommendations?

    This is a huge matter that runs through my head nonstop. I also had hats, a ride, and two crashes when I really wrestled with this. I loved splashes in my younger years - and that would be the perfect item for where you want to place it on your kit - but I feel like that sound is so overused...
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    Smaller diameter tom deeper than the succeeding tom...

    That would drive me nuts. But I admit that I'm a guy who will move things over and over until my stand legs are placed the right way... And then I would do something unnatural like changing out the sizes of all the other drums instead of just getting a deeper 13, haha.
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    Show us your SEVEN piece kits

    Casual flex. Full kit set up and mic’d in the background.
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    Stack or Aux Hats Location

    I recently put together a little stack using a Paiste PSTX Swiss Splash on top of a Zildjian Planet Z Splash in a hi-hat form. I love the thing. I have an 8/10/12/14 3up/1down setup. I first had the stack in between the 10 and 12. Then I boomed it over to be in between the 8 and 10. Both those...
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    Show us your SEVEN piece kits

    I realize I'm being very particular here, but I'd love to see your 7 piece setups. I think bop kits are gorgeous, but I specifically want to see how y'all have configured your big - but not monstrous - setups. Started this thread to hold me over while I wait on production and weather related...
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    Your experiences with sound exactness with same model cymbals

    Perhaps it's due to the lack of sophistication in my ears and cymbals with a more pronounced identity, but I've found Zildjian A Custom crashes to be pretty consistent and uniform in sound. Again, maybe it's because they're so bright and cutting, that I hear them and think, "Yep, that's the same...
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    What's your most important gear that is NOT drum set related.

    GREAT answer. I picked up a compact fan at CVS two decades ago for, I don't know, $15. And it's been a lifesaver.
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    What's your most important gear that is NOT drum set related.

    The cheapest, most generic bic ballpoint pen and a plain piece of 8.5"x11" paper folded up in my stickbag or the pocket of one of my cases. I don't know how y'all play, but I need a setlist everytime. It's not loaded into a fancy system, it's often not finalized until just before time, and sure...
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    Thoughts on setup (8" tom in particular).

    I recently changed things up from 1up/1down to 8/10/12/14 and it's been the biggest boost to my playing in years. I am so inspired to play that I'll even try to squeeze in 5-10 minutes between meetings while working at home. I feel like I'm back in high school or college. Imagine having that...
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    Yamaha Stage Custom v.s. Gretsch Catalina Maple

    Regarding the birch vs maple conversation, I have to admit a lack of ability to really tell the difference, again. I'll say this though, when I was a kid, my drum instructor had this righteous Recording Custom that I would drool over. I think it was an eight piece kit - the toms were so amazing...
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    Yamaha Stage Custom v.s. Gretsch Catalina Maple

    I'm a big believer in the Yamahas. Though I want to be clear that I'm not saying the Catalinas are bad. The Stage Customs are great for me - I truly love the resonance of my toms and the punch of my floor tom and kick. Are they hand selected work of art shells? No. But they are so solid to me...
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    I am a one brand drummer ... now I inching to play muitiple - brands.

    I relate to the OP's sentiment strongly, but I realized that one can mix things up without going down the road of complete hodgepodge mix and match - and that until I get sponsored by someone, I can bend my allegiances as much as I like. I used to be a TaylorMade guy from top to bottom of the...
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    Side Snare

    Seems like this discussion hasn't happened on here for a number of years. After reading the forum, I gotta believe that opinions and use have changed in that time. As I eagerly await my side snare that's on pre-order, I want to hear from y'all. If you play a side snare: - What are the specs -...
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    Comprehensive Gear List

    It boggles my mind how much some of you have. Even if I held on to all the drums and cymbals I've owned in my life, it would still be less than half of some of the lists above.
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    Comprehensive Gear List

    Indulge me, please. I'm a guy who loves gear. People's loadouts are spec'd out because of people like me. Will I read an article about Dustin Johnson's bag from putter to driver? Yes. Will I read another article about every firearm used by John Wick, organized by movie? Yes. And I eat up...