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    The Visitor

    Anybody seen this movie yet?? I thought it was pretty good!
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    Feeling blue

    So, I just told my boss that I was moving to NY and she started crying.... now I'm sad... I can't stop thinking about it... : (
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    Pic of Austral Drum

    Hey everyone! Just got back from a trip to NY, and thought I would post this pic if anyone is interested. Its from the Austral Islands, early 19th century. It said only about a dozen of the drums are still intact. They are made out of cylinders of hardwood, and the head stretched out sharkskin.
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    Pic of yourself

    Ok, I finally figured it out... by myself
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    Pics of your pets!!

    Here's my kids!
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    Nathan Followill

    Nathan Followill from Kings of Leon... Amazing! I tried searching for a thread on him, but didn't find any. I just went to their show last night and still have the after concert glow. : ) I've always been a fan of his, but getting to see him play live is such a different experience. He...
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    Your first time playing a show

    Hi everyone! I would like to hear about your first time playing a show. Where was it? Were you nervous? Did everything go smoothly? How did you feel afterward? I'm playing my first show next month, so I don't have a story... at least not yet. = )