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    Good Reggae Artist/ Music recommendations...

    My teacher taught me some Reggae stuff today and gave me a CD to go along with the lessons but I forgot it! :o So in the meantime I basically want to hear anything but the Marleys lol. Anybody have some good Reggae artist or albums that you guys would recommend? The more authentic the better...
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    Jazz songs to play along too.....

    Anybody have any sugestions on some Jazz tunes to play along to someone attempting for the first time? Jazz scares the crap out of me but I have been going through some basic jazz comping stuff and fills, I really want to play along to some tunes but I am not aware of what songs are good for...
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    Recording with my band

    So I told StickIt that I would post a little bit of my playing, the only thing I have is an old myspace account of two songs I did with a punk group I had with my friends a little bit ago. Anyways, here it is the link just goes to an old myspace page. I played on the songs "Inside" and...
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    New All Around Sabian Hi-Hats

    Anybody have any suggestions on a good pair of good all around hi-hats? I am getting into playing different styles of music and really want to get some hats that can be used for multiple styles; I usually go to Sabian brand cymbals but i'm open minded too.
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    Good books on home music recording

    Does anybody know of any decent books for music recording?
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    Good USB mixers

    Does anybody know of any decent mixers that have at least 12 XLR inputs and has a usb connection. My band and I want to start recording a demo in live takes (we like that kind of sound) anybody have any good ideas?
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    Any good books on fills<

    Are there any "must have" books that are about fills and teaching you all different styles of fills as well as with the timing? Anyone have any suggestions?