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    Can you change your DrummeWorld Username?

    I want to change my drummerworld user name but keep the same account. Is this possible?
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    John Coltrane - Spiral

    Here's a cover of John Coltrane - Spiral. I eventually want to do all of Giant Steps, but first, baby steps :)
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    Commute for the drums

    Recently landed a job as a software developer. Pays well, however it is in a city; the problem with the city is you cannot play your acoustic drums without getting a noise complaint from your neighbor... I found a place that is 30 minutes from work that is well separated from other houses, but...
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    Pedal setup for heel down technique?

    I have an Axis - A pedal and I'm finding it rather difficult to find a nice pedal setup to have power between heel down and a nice fulcrum heel up. What works for you? And I'm asking spring tension and distance beater from head. Or even better if you have the same pedal maybe explain in detail.
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    Stick Bag

    I drop my stick occasionally and I fear it will happen at a gig. I have seen other drummers use a stick bag to be able to grab another stick when this happens. Any suggestions for what kind of stick bag and where to place it? Do you hang it off the floor tom, or perhaps your seat?
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    Issues w/ Heel Down Technique

    I'm having problems with heel down bass drum technique. I've been told that you do not want to bury the beater. When I play heel down it feels like I'm working a lot harder because I'm trying not to bury the beater. To compensate for this I lift my toes up. I've attached two pictures to this...
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    Need Help: How to practice Stick Control by Stone

    Real quick straightforward question: there are no accent marks for paradiddles and other rudiments in Stick Control. I can't see the point of practicing a paradiddle without an accent? Like, why not use a single stroke roll if you want all the same volume of 16th notes? I guess I was under the...
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    Drum Busking

    Have any of you ever gone busking? Was it with musicians or just the drum kit? Do you need permission to do it? I've been thinking it would be fun to bring an e-kit or maybe my acoustic kit stripped down on to university grounds and just start playing. I think if I do that I might get in...
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    Music School

    Hey everybody! I'm about to graduate as a computer scientist and it's nice because I've got a job lined up - but more and more I'm realizing that I just live for the moments that I can get home to my kit. I've been practicing consistently 3 - 4 hours daily and had a band on the side. I've always...
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    Stand Up Drum Practice Pad

    I need a stand up practice pad. I already have a practice pad, but no stand that goes high enough for me (over 6'). Are there any good suggestions for either a stand or a whole new practice pad setup that I can get?
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    Gretsch Renown - thinking about buying

    Went into Guitar Center and played the Gretsch Marquee Series, which is very similar (correct me if I'm wrong), to the renown, The kit is up for like $1300 and I figure I may as well get a renown if I'm gonna fork out that kind of cash. I just looked on ebay and found this...
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    The 4 Real Rudiments - Control Stroke, Upstroke, Taps, and Rebounds

    Hey guys, came across a basic video done by John Wooton titled grip basics and strokes and wanted to see what you guys think. I'm not a beginner, but I think these are really important to focus on when learning new rudiments that are more complex. Here's the link
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    What's the better option: new or used drum kit?

    I've been looking at both new and used kits and was hoping some of you knowledgeable fellows could provide some input. I'm trying to achieve a good unique sound for my upcoming recording and I'm not sure what to choose. I'm kind of hoping to skip intermediate drum kits and score myself a...
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    Pearl Masters Custom Maple

    Hey guys, I'm checking out a pearl masters kit and was wondering if you could give me some answers... I'm buying the kit used; it sounds like the kid who's selling doesn't know much about them (said he wasn't a drummer). I talked him down to $700 dollars for the shell package (4 piece)...