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    Eric Moore-"Dopestickz" Review video

    Hi Guys! Please Check out this small review video about Drummers Of Planet Earth-Dopestickz drum sticks. Please let me know what are your thoughts about these sticks, how do you like the design,or if you have them what are your experiences? This time I was not able to try them on acoustic drums...
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    Ennio Morricone Tribute

    Yes this was my first time too! I just read the news and started to look for Ennio-s theme songs! You can find the original mix on youtube, it has a very nice swing grove! Worth to try to jam with it :)
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    Ennio Morricone Tribute

    Hey Drummers! How are you? So here is a tribute for Ennio Morricone- Ecstasy Of Gold theme drum cover. Currently I'm working on my 16th note triplet fills, I thought it would be great to record a song, so this video is the result of my practice process in the last few weeks, I hope you gonna...
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    16th note triplet funk fill breakdown

    Hi guys! This quick video lesson is another small 16th note triplet fill can even use the same sticking pattern with different orchestration. If you like this video please check out my channel and subscribe. Don't miss my my newest videos! I also offer one to one Skype drum lessons...
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    Drummers sweaty hand tip

    Hi guys! Here is a small video tip for drummers who are suffering from the sweaty hand problem. This technique helped me a lot and use it every time when I start to struggling to hold my sticks as well. Please let me know what do you think! Check out my channel and subsctibe if you like my...
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    Dave Grohl Drum Fill lesson

    Hi Guys, This is a quick drum fill tip what I found recently.This was in song called "play"-played by Dave Grohl. I think it is a great exercise and also can be a drum solo idea as well. I recently converted my electric drums to electro-acoustic, and would like to make some videos about my...
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    RHCP-Goodbye Angels Drum Cover

    Hi guys, happy new year to you all! Please check out my new cover video from the new Chili Peppers album. Please leave a comment, and click on thumbs up if you like it. Thanks fpr ypur support,and wathing it!
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    Tower of Power Drum Cover by Dan

    Hi guys! This is just a little jam what I recorded recently on my Roland td 15 :) I hope you enjoy, thanks for watching,let me know your opinions! Thanks Dan
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    Clean Bandit - Rather Be ft. Jess Glynne (Pentatonix Version) (Drum Cover)

    Hi everyone! I recently recorded this song,and wanted to share with you, lovely drummer people:) I know this is a bit fake because of the electric drums,but this is the cheaper option...I tried to find the best drum-sound for this song, but definately have to buy a better hihat trigger... I...
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    Red Hot Chili Peppers-Dark Necceseries Drum cover

    Hi guys! Here is a drum cover of the new Peppers song. Their new album is coming out next month,and I`m a big fan,so can`t wait that! I found it a bit strange to play the verse-grove, but after few times playing it makes sense behind the kit. I hope you gonna enjoy it...
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    Prodigy-Woodoo People

    Hi Guys It`s Dan. I got a Go Pro camera for Christams,and I had an opportunity to use it in the rehearsal room,with my bandmates. So we jammed the song and I put my camera on different places(Cymbalstand,guitarneck)and I just finished the drum-cam angle yesterdey,and I decided to share it with...
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    Primus-Poetry And Prose Drum Cover

    Hi Guys, Recently I bought a Roland TD15,and I decided to make some new drum cover with it. This song from the early 90-s,and I think it was not too popular,but I loved it for first time when I heard:) So actually it was a Beavis and Butthead song from Primus,and I think they never played it...
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    Red hot Chili Peppers-Power Of Equality

    Hi guys , this is a cool funky song from the Chili Peppers, I love this song,and I wanted to cover it. This recording was quite difficult for me, because this was the first time when I used 2 cams, and I`m not a video editor guy! I definately have to improve my skills... I just started to learn...
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    Bastardo-Drum and Bass Jam

    Hi guys, Here is a brand new jam from me,and my brother:) I know the bass a bit loud, but we really enjoyed this recording:))) Thanks for watcing... Cheers:Dan
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    Silly Putty_Drum-Bass Jam

    Hi Guys, I bought a Shure mic set, and we tried out it at the weekend. Nothing special, but I am interested in your opinion... I would like to know which recording program do you recommend for drum recording. I need something simple, which works on my laptop.I used now cool edit pro, but I had...