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    Tama Steel Snare, Please help!

    Just wanted to know if anyone happens to know more about this little drum? It’s obviously a Tama steel piccolo it measures 13" x4" It was the main snare in an add on set I just picked up. Any idea if it’s worth selling? Or keeping? Or how old it is?
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    Please help - LUDWIG S/S Octa-Plus Value?

    I have been on here for a while now but forgot all my log in info so I had to make a new 1. No big deal. Today I came across this set at a local music store. Its a1970s Ludwig Stainless steel Octa Plus 12pc. I think its in great shape for the age. It appears to even have the original heads &...
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    Beautiful Saluda Earthworks pics

    I took some recent pics of my Saluda Earthworks These cymbals always look so great. The one with all the wil blue colors is my china with just some bright lights on it. These pics were taken with my Iphone so no tricks or other effects. Just great cymbals
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    Tightening hardware, How tight is too tight?

    Just a question for everyone. I have a Gibraltar rack with mostly Pearl hardware. I find myself cranking down on the adjustment points to make sure nothing ever moves on me. BUT then when I do need to tear down everything is extremely tight. So the question here is. When is tightening your...
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    ALESIS Drums??? Really???

    I am so disappointed!!! I purchased one of your Alesis DM8 USB kits as an early retirement gift to myself after 20 years of active duty service. I made my purchase on March 6th 2012. On Apr 4th 2012 I contacted a representative Devin Lopes. Who was very helpful and instructed me on how to turn...
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    I'd like to know your thoughts!!! Help me out

    Ok here is what I need all of your opinions on. I'm very interested & just about ready to pull the trigger on getting myself a new kit. BUT I honestly cant decide which one. it will be a 6 pc 2 up 2 down. I've got it down to these 2. The Mapex birch / walnut SE sienna fade or The Cruch...
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    Help me decide!

    Hello hope y'all are doing good. I'm looking at getting a better kit, as a lot of us here are. I've been looking all over & here is what I'd like your opinions on, Which would you get? All will be 6pc 2 up 2 down Crush Acrylic Tama Superstar Hyper drive Gretsch Renown 57 in RED Pearl Vision...
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    Some Help please? Cajon / Djembe ?

    Ok here's the deal, I've been on this site for a while now & I really enjoy reading what y'all think about. So I'm looking for some advise. I'm interested in adding to my regular drum set, I want to add either a Meinl String Cajon, or a Toca SFDJ 14LB Djembe Lava. Each are about the same price...
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    Overhead drum pictures???

    I was looking around here at all the amazing drum porn and I got to thinking. How do some of y'all take such great driver seat pictures? The ones from above. What do y'all stand on? How high up do ya take the pictures. Just wondering how I can get some pictures like that, of my kit. So feel...
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    Saluda Cymbals Thread

    I've been on this forum for a little while now & I have recently become the proud owner of a complete set Saluda Earthworks cymbals. (Yes I know y’all want pics & those will be coming soon!) I have also seen that there are threads on here of the big three companies to chat about their...
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    Online site? Vintage Drum Center

    I found this on line site. Vintage Drum Center Just wondering if anyone on here has done any business with this place? I'm thinking about it BUT I'd like to see what y'all think 1st. Thanks Vintage Drum Center
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    23" Bass drum... I'm not alone am I?

    I have a wonderful sounding bass drum it's 23" x 26" So I was looking through other threads & I was wondering, Am I the only one here that has a 23" kick? hope not. Any one?
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    Zildjian ride X2?

    I'm looking to get 2 rides. why 2? I play about everything from BB King to Megadeth. & everything in between. I want 1 to be a primary VERY PINGGY ride So i'm looking at the Zildjian 22" Ping ride. I think a Mega bell ride might be a little much... I also want a lighter good sounding crashable...
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    Gibraltar side rack question?

    Ok I have a Gibraltar Curved rack on the front of my kit. I'm considering putting some sides on it. BUT I'm not sure what sides I want. For the Right side I'm interested in adding a curved side extention. That way it's stable enough for serveral larger cymbals. & the Left side I'm really not...
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    Mounting large drums on the side?

    I've been looking around here & can't seem to find this anywhere. So my question is How do y'all think would be the best way to mount larger drums on the sides of your drum kit. I'm talking about something like what AC/DC drummer Chris Slade played during the thunder struck video.I'm not sure...