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    Tom positioning

    As was said earlier, I too don't mount my toms off the bass drum. Heck, none of my sets even have a bass drum mount. They are all mounted off a rack or stands and have been for years.
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    New "WaFARER" line from INDe Drums

    I checked out their website and their videos. Pretty interesting stuff.
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    Pearl Rhythm Traveler snare - not bad

    I think it sounds pretty good. I like the bass drum sound also.
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    I just ignore the idiot responses some guys make, and is the reason I don't make many replies. I'm here for fun and to learn a thing or two. I simply can't care any less than what I do about who likes what drum brand or cymbals. I love my DWs and Ludwigs, and ALL drums in general. If you love...
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    New to me kit on the way !

    Looks like you made a good choice. And with die-cast hoops, too!
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    I don't hate it, but not a big fan of it. I could learn to like it more if I heard them and they sounded good to me. I don't base a whole lot on color of a set. I'm more interested in sound.
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    "There is no wrong way to set up a drum kit"

    Good way to air out the armpits?
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    Ludwig Classic Oak

    And of course a new name brings a new, higher price. 🙄
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    Very First Kits

    My first set was a blue, heavily used 3 piece Rogers. I cut grass, collected aluminum cans, and did whatever else I could do to make money to buy it from a friend of mine in the Spring of 1983. (My mom reluctantly pitched in half).
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    I couldn’t help it. I missed THE sound.

    Nice!! I love the blue sparkle. My Keystone X's are blue sparkle. Just got a Ludwig Classic Maple downbeat myself in white sparkle.
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Ordered a Ludwig Classic Maple downbeat (12/14/20) in white sparkle. Coming tomorrow.
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    How fortunate we are.

    Hey guys, My girlfriend and I just got back from volunteering at the church I sometimes attend to help disburse food for needy families and Easter baskets for their kids that a lot of us donated money for. I know we love our drums and talk about what we buy and play here on DRUMMERWORLD, but...
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    Hexrack II compatibility with DW and Gibraltar

    Hey guys, Will the Yamaha Hexrack II clamps accomodate the down tubes of DW or Gibraltar that hold the boom arms? Being more specific, what diameter will these clamps take?Along with the openings on the top of the Hexrack II posts that accomodate down tubes and boom arms? I have loads of DW and...