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    Getting back in the Game

    Hey Guys The midlife crisis has well and truely arrived and after not owning or played a kit for 8 years I've decided the comeback is on. And with that I'm looking for some advice. Being in a better financial state than last time (broke ass student) I'm going to go for a kit I've always...
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    bouncy dw9500 HH stand?

    hey guys i bought a dw9500 hh stand a few months ago and of recently its become really bouncy, even when being light with quarter note use. its getting to the point where its moving away from the kit and even moving my slave pedal... has anyone experienced and fixed this problem?
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    head reccomendation

    so guys i wanna change my reverse dot snare head or something a little different. i play rock mainly but jazz and blues also. my snare is a 14x5.5 steam bent solid maple snare with re-enforcing rings. im edging toward either an evans g1 coated or maybe a genera dry, i would prefer to stay using...
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    Kit Update (pic heavy)

    so since my last thread ive added a dw9000 hi hat stand, 10" zildjian k custom dark splash to my kit and replaced my 15" k dark crash with an 18" k custom dark crash to match my 17". also my setup has changed somewhat. enjoy :) also sorry the pics arent great, was gonna take some outside but...
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    demon drive issue

    so i just some small issues with my demon drive. on the slave pedal it doesnt seem to be possible to bury the beater as with the main pedal. is this something with the setup would you think? or could it be a problem with the pedal. the other issue is that the salve pedal is always sliding on my...
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    thoughts on DW steel 14x6.5

    hey guys. so i've been seeking some sort of metal snare drum. i have the chance to pickup a dw chrome over steel 14x6.5 snare and was wondering if anyone has sampled this and think it may be worth getting. thanks in advance
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    New Zildjian cymbals

    hey guys you heard about these new zildjians? i really wanna get the k 18" efx. now i dont have too have 1 odd sabian in my setup :D (hhx o-zone)
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    New toys for from christmas time

    So with a new phone with a better camera i decided to take some new photos of my kit and my new pearl demon drive double. Kits specs are: Sonor S Classix: Walnut roots Finish 24x17.5 BD (stock batter, sonor remo pinstripe reso) 12x9 tom (evans g2 batter, sonor stock reso) 16x16 FT (evans g2...
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    awesome latin percussion solo.

    so while i was looking for videos of clave work on youtube i came across this. i was really impressed i must say. so i thought i would share it
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    New kit :D

    hey guys, so ive been looking for a kit for a few weeks. i was at first set on a highwood kit but tbh i couldnt wait 8 weeks for it so i went and bought this Sonor S classix in walnut roots. wow i must say at first the finish is amazing. then theres the sound i have always wanted maple but now i...
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    New kit dilema

    so im looking into buying a new drum kit although its not possible for me to try any in a store. my budget is £1600 the kits im looking at are Sonor s classix 24x17.5 BD 16x16FT 12x9T walnut roots finish (£1100 Nearly new which is a steal and i would be able to get a new double pedal here...
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    new setup, New ride and some gis photos

    So i had a gig today with a new band i joined and all went well. heres some pics of my new setup, i went for the flat style setup. also got to use my new k custom hybrid ride. Thought i better give my cymbals a nice clean for the gig :)
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    in 2 hours

    .. i have my frist gig with a new band i joined and i even have the luxury of taking my own kit. wish me luck guys :) jeff
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    Photo Shoot

    Since its a nice day here in normally rainy wales so i thought i'd join the trend of a kit photo shoot, so i took my kit outside and here we are. anyways the specs are: Pearl Export Elx Drum Kit in Amber Mist with chrome hardware 22x18 bass 12x9 Tom 13x11 tom 16x16 floor tom evans g1 heads and...
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    ID this ride

    hey guys was browsing memphis drum shops vids, and came across this brady vid, i love the sound of the ride thats being used. i know its a K of some sort just not sure what. would be great if some1 could ID it. cheers