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    New SpeedKing

    Not really, had a Speed King back in early 70’s on my Rogers Holiday set, eventually went to a Rogers Swivomatic which ran circles around the Speed King! Think current pedals will do the same.
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    Your best 5 Paiste Cymbals

    20 Signature ride, 18 Signature crash, Blue label 602 Heavy ride, Sabian flat hats high hats, 15” 2002 crash.
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    Old Yamaha Kit- Help with ID?

    Sn model decipher
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    Old Yamaha Kit- Help with ID?

    Its 10x8 its in the 1980 catalog!
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    One of the most Epic Disney music ever!

    Like it nice!
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    505 and a 2002

    505 series - advanced student CuSn8-cymbals, produced from 1974 to 1986.
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    LUDWIG Paiste cymbals

    If the date is correct then they were called Ludwig Standard. The NS12 were made from 1958- 60 in Switzerland. The later version 1960 - 1964 made of Ns12 Were from Germany( your description not the ones) So if made in Swiss as you say, they were made from 1958 - 1960, or are the later version...
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    New starclassic kit issue.. [Solved]

    Im not skipping over anything!
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    New starclassic kit issue.. [Solved]

    TAMA is not offering a full refund, the dealer will be giving a full refund!
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    New starclassic kit issue.. [Solved]

    I personally don't like the response from TAMA! Obviousy they admitted to cosmetic issue or design, and are not willing to make it right! Secondly if they are having shipping issues then their packaging is in question! I would return it for a full refund and go to another brand. My feeling TAMA...
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    Hi Hats with greatest crispest "bark" possible?

    Tried many, and continue to go back to Sabian flat hats! You might find them on ebay.
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    Yamaha part number question

    The metal is there, you can just go a little oversize! Btw removing the washer just may give you bite on the threads further down.
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    Ride cymbal for recording metal?

    Discontinued Paiste Signature Power Ride, available on ebay!
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    Yamaha part number question

    Retap the thread
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    New Kit: What to Look For When Delivered

    Look at the bass drum shell seam (where the plies are joined), Have seen drums that had things stacked on them in shipment which caused the seam to split. Less unlikely if shipped with heads and hoops installed!