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    Remo Fiberskyn 'tree' ?!

    Pretty sure this seller is mistaken... Have any of you heard of a Fibreskyn head made from tree/plant fiber? It looks just like a regular fiberskyn.
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    Frequencies and stuff, drums vs bass guitar

    Generally speaking, what has a lower pitch, a kick drum or the low notes of a bass guitar? I'm trying gain some more thorough understanding of how all the instruments sit together. I realise this is a highly subjective question. The guitar/bassist in my band tune to drop C (bottom string two...
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    Premier Artist Birch kick drum

    Has anyone played or owned one of these? Can I get some opinions on it? How thick is the shell? What does it sound like? I like loud and punchy, but also like sensitivity and a nice sound when played softly. Are the spurs a good design? Seller tells me it is 22x17.5". His price is a...
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    Looking for tracks of just drums...

    I want to compile a couple CD's to listen to when regular music gets boring. I'm looking for tracks just of mostly grooves (solos are alright too). I know about the Led Zep outtakes, and a sizable collection of Maiden, Judas, Megadeth, and Sabbath album tracks. Anyone know of any other stuff...
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    How to sound relaxed and less rushy

    I've always had quite a 'rushy' feel to my playing. Even when playing to a click, it sounds like I'm really pushing the tempo. I sound like an excited kid at a theme park! I was wondering if anyone could suggest a way to counter this and develop a more stable or relaxed groove. I'm thinking...
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    Thumb lumps!

    In my left thumb I have noticed a strange little tough spot/lump right about the middle. Now I don't believe it's a callus because it feels like it's on the inside, under the skin. It also doesn't feel quite like any callus I've had in the past. I have spent a lot of time on the pad in the...
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    Teaching a teenager who doesn't listen to music

    So I have this student, who I've been teaching for about six months and he shows a lot of potential. But he doesn't actually listen to music! He doesn't own any music, has no favourite bands, just hasn't really caught the music bug yet. I'm finding it hard to motivate him to practice because...
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    Songwriting tips

    Anyone got tips on how to go about writing songs? I'm mostly talking like metal/hardcore/punk type stuff. I have no problem coming up with actual parts like riffs and melodies, but I really struggle with structure. Are there any formulas or techniques that can help me to get on the right...
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    Sibelius help!

    I can't figure out how to input two notes together within the same voice. In the image you can see what I mean. I want the hi hat and snare to play together. Apparently it can be done with a keyboard by playing both notes together, but I don't have a keyboard. Hope someone can help, I've...
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    Can I build my own wooden kick drum hoops?

    A quick google search didn't return anything, but I'm thinking this shouldn't be too hard. So long as I can find the thin plies of wood, do the maths correctly, and build it well, it should work, right? It's for an 18" floor tom that I'm converting. I thought I could use the drum itself as a...
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    Who needs a bass player??

    Here's a recent video of my friend's new two piece band, in this song he's playing an old Rheem synth with his left hand while doing the drums with the rest. Very cool. Some of your Melbourne people might actually know him, he lived there for some time.
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    Tama Superstar Hyperdrive - Quick question

    Does anyone know if the hyperdrive kits are all 100% birch, or if the older ones are basswood & birch, and if so what the shell composition is. I'm looking at this kit: Some more info here, it's a limited edition from (I think) 2007...
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    Offered a gig, don't know what to do!

    I had an audition with an '80s cover band today. Real nice guys, great players and the lead singer also plays a keytar which I think is awesome. They have lots of bookings and have the business/financial end very organised. We jammed through some Toto, Van Halen, U2, a few others. They liked...
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    Relationship between kick and snare

    Here's something I don't see talked about a whole lot. We see a lot of talk about heads, tuning and shell materials of kick and snare drums, but what about the relationship between the two? I have my kick tuned with a nice round thump. I also give it a bit of high end slap/click. For my snare...
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    Yamaha 9000 - replacement spurs

    I'm asking on behalf of a friend with a 9000 kit. His spurs look just like those on this kit: And it's the exact same sizes and looks just like the one in this thread (not sure what his model numbers are): The telescoping legs slip...