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    Eric Harland

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    Ofri Nehemya

    Israeli jazz drummer Ofri Nehemya, a child prodigy, started playing with some of his home country's leading jazz names while still in high school, going on to record with the likes of Avishai Cohen, Omer Avital, and Shai Maestro. Nehemya was born in 1994 in Givatayim, Israel into a musical...
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    Eric Harland

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    Damion Reid

    A drummer like Damion deserves much more visibility.
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    Tony Williams

    Great drummer, but from what you said looks like he was a "diva" too...
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    Arthur Hnatek Trio - Static (album)

    PERSONNEL Arthur Hnatek - drums Francesco Geminiani - tenor saxophone Fabien Iannone - double bass ALBUM CREDITS Recorded at Suburban Sound, Winterthur, Switzerland (January 2020) Recorded and mixed by Valentin Liechti Mastered by Matt Colton Produced by Arthur Hnatek Executive Producer -...
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    Damion Reid

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    Damion Reid

    Damion Reid was born June 16th 1979 in West Covina, California a city east of Los Angeles. He is the son of well respected bassist and astute operatic singer and teacher. By the age of three, Damion was already playing in church. It was around the age of twelve that Damion began being mentored...
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    Kendrick Scott

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    The great Joey Baron appreciation thread

    To my astonishment i noticed that there isn't an appreciation thread for the legendary drummer Joey Baron, how's that? When discussing the greatest drummers he's barely mentioned in this forum, why?
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    Marcus Gilmore

    Marcus "drum solo" starts at 3:17 (and it's in Godlike mod)
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    Kweku Sumbry

    Grounded in the traditions of the Djembe Orchestra, Kweku Sumbry is a multi-percussionist from Washington, DC. At the age of four years old Kweku fell in love with performing. Since then, Kweku has travelled the world healing through music. He began his studies as a toddler under the tutelage of...
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    Jeremy Dutton...another incredibly talented drummer

    Check out Jeremy Dutton on the drums in these two amazing live shows with James Francies and Joel Ross
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    Jharis Yokley

    I undestand. You prefer the usual old drummers.