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    Demo with SPD-SX for Bandmates

    That sounds killer my friend - drums sound really good to my ear- don't really need the rest of the band! :LOL: Sometimes over use of samples can lead to the 'just playing along to backing tracks' argument - but if that's not something you have a problem with then crack on - you've certainly...
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    Thomas Lang and the PDP, carbon wrapped

    Great player - but for me, there's a serious lack of distinction between the bd,the gong and the two big ft's. When he's really going for it it just sounds like a machine gun of the exact same pitch.... waste of his talent playing drums tuned like that imo.🤷‍♂️
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    How loud to play in medium sized gigs.

    I don't (seem) to ever have a problem...most of the venues we play are all 'medium sized' and all similar. My drums are mic'd every gig and I play with the same consistent intensity every night - I kinda pride myself on it. Occasionally we have to 'turn me up' as the guitar and bass are...
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    Jam Space Etiquette

    I have really decent cymbals( Sabian HH) and I'm always aghast at how bad they sound on phone recordings.....internal phone mics just don't like the frequency range cymbals operate in. Other peoples opinions purely from a phone recording are not even worth worrying about. Re-arrange your jam...
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    First time In Ear Monitors

    I started with 215's - explore all the different types of tip for best fit. I now use UE4's and agree that custom molded IEM's are worth every (expensive) penny - probably the best money I've ever spent on ANYTHING to do with my drums!
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    Electronic instrument simulators

    I used to use acoustic percussion instruments all around my kit - all with their own mounting its all on a roland module. I can play an infinite number of sounds from one pad. My guitarist has pedals that turn his guitar into an organ for some songs ,even my bass player has...
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    Critical guidance needed

    Your 'friend' thinking he's the best anything is his biggest failing. It's an unhealthy attitude that inhibits learning and therefore improving. Tell him to stop being such an arrogant arse. Or better still - leave him to comment/post/worry about his own' journey' and you concentrate on yours?
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    What do you use to carry your multi pad?

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    Drum depth preferences floor vs. rack toms

    I have 12x8 14x14 and 16x16....because thats what Tama offered as the configuration. I assume they know what they're doing. I've not struggled with tuning the square FT's anymore than my old 14x12 and 16x14 DW's. That said I would love to see what someone really proficient at tuning would do...
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    Your snare hand/arm

    Mine is set just high enough that my wrist doesn't hit my thigh. I don't play rim shots.........
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    Hey now! A booking agent!

    Hey Bo.... Why does the video say THROUGH being cool yet everywhere else on the page says THOUGH being cool?? :unsure: Either way it's... cool!!(y)
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    Just added: Josh Freese - drumming with Sting

    No argument he is a fantastic player - but for me whats wrong with this is too much ROCK . " Full on punk rocks some of the police tunes" ..... yep - and totally ruins the feel of them by doing so. He's overplaying typical "rock " fills on typically sounding DW's (with next to no tuning...
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    Price Check/Appraisal For Tama StarClassic B/B kit

    I don't understand "tom rash".......caused by the snare rim hitting the tom? Then you've set them up too close together!? It's not rocket surgery!! I appreciate some dings are inevitable if you are a gigging drummer - but this just smacks of carelessness. And if the owner is not even bothered...
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    Advice on Remote Hi Hat Set Up

    Find a way to put the 8 above the 10 and 12 in a pyramid shape!! I've seen some of his videos - decent player.
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    Advice on Remote Hi Hat Set Up

    Fascinating set up... so you're right handed playing the slave of your db pedal as the main with your right foot?