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    Roland spd sx. No sound from pad nr. 1

    Easiest route is clear the pad of all functions. Below from the user manual. 1. In the KIT screen (or the KIT PAD screen), choose QUICK MENU KIT PAD INIT. 2. Play the pad that you want to initialize. 3. Press the [ENTER] button. A confirmation message will appear. If you decide to cancel the...
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    Wow - 31 pages...... Groove juice applied with a used/soft toothbrush,rinse and towel dry. Work round the logo's if you wanna keep them....
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    What Makes Keith Moon a Legendary Drummer?

    How do i find my drummer level to see if i qualify to play Who songs in my covers band?:unsure:
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    Roland spd sx. No sound from pad nr. 1

    You can assign any of the pads to function as "all sounds off" check your pad 1 is not set to this?? As Bermuda said - full factory reset is an option.
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    Anyone clean just one side of an old old cymbal? I did...

    The smoke machine I use for our light show always leaves a film on my cymbals so I clean them regularly - never noticed a difference in sound either way..... :unsure:
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    Drum use for situation

    I have one set of drums,one snare,one set of cymbals and I play everything on them. Minimal differences, such as wood species or dark vs bright cymbals for example, are completely lost on the vast majority of people. Only proper genre officianados ,studio engineers and other drummers are going...
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    Remo Colortone Snare Head. Opinions please.

    That was me ;)- (Nobody see's them but me and I think they look cool) They sound good - they're really just a clear (albeit coloured) two ply - but I couldn't get on with the PS 77 on snare - very boxy sounding on my particular drum (aluminium) and a very thick 'feel' to it - but then I'm used...
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    Does anybody use a tilting hi-hat stand?

    I use a bog standard dw 5000 stand ( I cut the legs off to rack mount it ) and tilted it by loosening the two drum screws that allow the foot plate to fold up for transport, leaning it over to where i wanted it and doing them back up. It's never moved or loosened whilst playing in over 20 years...
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    Total Noob Help Decide on These 3 Kits

    The Pearl WS is by far the better option - for all the reasons already stated. Keep the sizes you like and re-sell the others as a shell pack and recoup half your outlay - well worth the time and effort of a 90 min drive.
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    Traded the Dubs for a Tama Star Walnut

    Traded a Collectors for Tama a couple years back - not regretted it once!
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    First time in 6 months!

    pm sent! (y)
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    First time in 6 months!

    Thanks mate - looking for new crashes - what are your 'normal' choice crashes? Never tried Amedia's - you obviously like them??
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    A short video of us playing this past Saturday

    Liking that PPG!! Interesting mic for the AG rather than into an amp too.... :unsure:
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    First time in 6 months!

    Andy - what are the two crashes you are using here please? Amedia somethings?? Band sounds really good mate!(y)
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    Need some advice

    This is where I struggle, been solely on the Roland for 6-7 months now - I know getting back to my A kit will be a trial. Brain expects my hands to do things same speed as the smaller e kit. So much so I'm thinking of breaking the bank to get one of these.......