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    Rock n Roll Theatre poster

    Hey all! I have the "Rock n Roll Theatre" poster in a frame and I enjoy looking at it all the time. If anyone knows the answer to a question I have I would appreciate it. Who is the drummer (should be a drummer) at the top middle of the poster on the left of the other drummers......has a...
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    Guitar Amps

    Hello all. I am getting a new guitar amp for my Fender Strat. Anybody know which gives it the best crunch/gritty sound? I want a Marshall.
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    Warrant Lead Singer DEAD

    Alas................another Rock Star is dead...............Jani Lane former lead singer of Warrant. I am sure it was either coke or smack. RIP.
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    Rock-Blues groove--live rehearsal recording

    Check it out and post nasty comments.....he he he he! This was a first rehearsal of this tune "Queen sized bed" and we happened to have the recorder on. The song has evolved since this recording and is MUCH smoother----The drums and cymbals are not mine (snare is mine....Mapex BP limited...
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    Meeting Rock Stars

    Last year I met Todd Sucherman in an airplane on the way to Dallas. Today IN DALLAS (DFW airport) I met famed Rock singer/songwriter/guitarist Tommy Shaw!! He was great to talk to and extremely polite and even asked me several questions. I am on pace to meet the rest of Styx over the next 2 1/2...
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    After the gig

    Last night after the gig was over and we packed out it was about 1:15 AM. Our bass payer has always wanted me to go to this "music store" his friend owns.....but it is only open from like 9:00 PM until 3:00 AM or something strange like that. So bass man says "let's go". It was close by and I am...
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    Life, Keith Richards

    I am reading this book. About 2/3 thru it so far. Keith loves Charlie Watts!!! So far, he has said nothing of Steve Jordan but you can see why SJ is in Xpensive Winos. I dig this book. I have so much respect for KR....not that I didn't before, but WOW! He IS The Rolling Stones. Read this book...
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    "I only play this or that"

    My sax player is very experienced and has played forever. Sometimes in rehearsals he will say "but I am only playing this or that through the whole song". We (Keys, Bass, Guitar, Me) feel so what. Does he need a solo on every song? The horn parts on many songs should only reflect rhythm and...
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    Rockett Drum Works

    Anybody ever played or heard Rockett Drum Works drums? (Rikki Rockett, Poison)
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    Rock n Roll song endings

    A subject dear to me. I love a great rock song with a bombastic ending! Here are 3 of my favorites in no particular order: Frankenstein by Edgar Winter Don't look back by Boston Do you feel like we do? by Peter Frampton (live version) When we cover a song it must have a great ending. So many...
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    The Big Beat Nov 7, 2010

    Anybody here ever heard of The Big Beat event? I will be participating in Hollywood, FL next month. Both of my daughters are music professors and I can show my support to local school music programs. It was described to me as a "Car show for drummers and their kits". Check it out...
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    The gig last night

    So my band hosted an "8 live act" gig last night. We closed the show. It was held at the Earth n Us Urban Farm in Miami. All the bands used my PA system, my drums (4 other drummers used my kit), mic's, amps, lights etc etc.... I got there early to set up and that took over 2 hours. The deal was...
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    What are you drinking right now?

    Like the many threads similar to this........ Me? Red Wine from Portugal.
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    Custom Logo Kick Head

    Before I waste my time searching....I will ask those have have already wasted their time....where can I get a "Custom Logo Kick Head"? (non-batter) duh
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    KBadd live

    OK, here is "Rock n Roll" by Zep live at Tobacco Road in Miami this past June...minus our Sax player away on vacation. The drums sound nice! Your opinions are welcome.